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Why Compost?

What’s so great about composting?

Composting is a landscape term that not many people know, but that everyone should. Compost is decomposed organic matter that is used as fertilizer, and is an essential aspect of organic farming. But even if organic farming isn’t on your to-do list, composting can still be vital to a healthy and happy garden or landscape. It is one of the simplest methods to infuse your soil with nutrient-rich humus, which in turn promotes healthy plant and flower growth as well as livens up any worn out soil. And the best part about composting? It’s free!

Composting is as simple as recycling your kitchen and yard waste—and is one more great way to show your love for Mother Earth by offering a natural alternative to fertilizers filled with added chemicals. A few of the lengthy list of items you can compost include table scraps, eggshells, garden weeds, shrub prunings, pine needles, coffee grounds, cardboard and shredded paper. You can additionally add a layer or two of garden soil to your compost to combat the many odors that can arise from decomposing wastes.

Want to know the quickest and easiest composting methods? Next week’s Perfect Plants’ blog post will give you all the necessary steps—including some insider tips and tricks—to starting your compost today!

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