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Spring Flower Beds

spring flower bed

With global warming and the ever-increasing temperatures in Florida, spring brings the perfect weather to liven up your flower beds. The warm days and cool nights provide the ideal environment for planting and growing a variety of perennials and annuals that will last all summer long.

A few factors to consider when deciding on the plants and flowers to grow in your flower bed include the following:

  • Container or in-ground planting
  • Maintenance level
  • Color varieties
  • Growing from seed or transplanting, and
  • Sun and water requirements

spring flower bedsIf you happen to be in an area where digging would result in dealing with limestone (Southern Florida), or where drainage is poor, consider implementing raised beds or containers. If you will be planting directly in the ground, be sure to get your planting beds ready well before you actually begin the planting process. Garden compost, sand and perlite are ideal for producing a rich, yet free-draining, area for your bed plants.

If you will be transplanting your plants, be sure to gently tease open the root ball before planting. Place the plant in a way that positions the root ball just above the soil, and water the base of each plant with a slender water applicator. A pre-emergent fertilizer can be spread around the transplants to prevent future weed and disease problems.

Plants that have similar watering needs should be positioned close together in order to cater to each transplant’s drought tolerance. If you have a smaller flower bed, hand watering is ideal to best suit each plant’s water requirements. If you have a larger bed, consider using a micro-irrigation system, which directly waters the roots and can stave off fluctuations in soil moisture.

If you put thought and planning into your flower beds and the installation of their plants, you can vastly reduce the maintenance requirements. Be sure to evaluate each plant’s soil, sun and watering needs, and plant accordingly. Keeping a close eye on each flower bed is also key to ensuring your plants’ longevity – the sooner you can find and take care of any problem, the better off your blooms will be.

Check back shortly for some of the best container and flower bed plants you could plant this spring!

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