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5 Reasons To Plant An Apple Tree (or two) This Fall

plant an apple tree apple

Everyone has heard the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We all know there are a wide variety of health benefits that come from regularly incorporating apples into your diet… but why add them to your grocery list when you can grow them yourself?

Other than the chance to cultivate a healthy lifestyle in your own backyard, there are five great reasons to plant an apple tree this season:

1 – Apple Trees Produce Every Year – And They Produce A Lot! apple trees edible fruit

Unlike other backyard crops that may have unpredictable harvests, they will dependably yield delicious fruit for decades to come. Once fully grown, they can produce four to five bushels of apples every year.

2 – Grow Just About Anywhere

While you may not be able to grow a Fuji Apple Tree in Minnesota or a Golden Delicious Apple Tree in Hawaii, specimens like the Cinnamon Spice Apple Tree can flourish anywhere from northern Idaho to south Florida. Wherever you happen to live, there are multiple varieties of juicy apple-producing trees available to pick from.

3 – Low Maintenance

Although taking care of a young, newly planted tree initially calls for a little more nurturing, your new tree will require much less upkeep as it becomes established and begins bearing fruit.

apples on a branch4 – Produce At An Early Age

Who says you have to wait forever to see the fruits of your labor? With proper care, even a young tree can begin yielding a crop. Some trees, like the Anna Apple Tree, can begin to produce fruit before they are fully grown. Typically, you will be shipped a tree that is one to two years old, which should begin producing apples within two to five years.

5 – Pollination Is Simple

It’s true that apple trees are “self-unfruitful,” meaning that they require pollination by other trees in order to produce apples. However, the solution to this is simple: Instead of one apple tree, get two! This can make for some interesting combinations, especially with trees like the Cinnamon Spice Apple cultivar and Red Delicious Apple Tree, which is famous for being a terrific pollinator.

If you’re ready to try planting your first apple tree or add a new one to your backyard grove, there is a diverse selection of trees for to choose from, so that you can grow and harvest your own mouth-watering apples no matter where you live. Here’s a quick taste of some of your options:

Anna Apple

Trees produce exceptionally large, crisp apples that are ready to eat right off the branch. These trees are self-pollinating and begin growing fruit at a very early age, often within two years of planting.

Red Delicious Apple

Trees are a gardener’s dream come-true. They are low maintenance, yield a dependable yearly harvest, and produce gorgeous, bright red apples that are great for baking and snacking. Because they are great pollinators of other apple trees, they also go by “rooster trees.”dorsett golden apple

Dorsett Golden Apple

Trees not only produce light pink and purple flowers that will increase the natural beauty of your yard, they do exceptionally well in warmer climates and produce sweet, golden-yellow apples that will be ready to pick early in the season. These must couple with another apple tree in order to produce fruit, and do well with the Cinnamon Spice Apple Tree cultivar.

These are just a handful of many great options available. This season, do more than just keep the doctor away—cultivate a healthy lifestyle on your own soil, and invest in your very own backyard orchard today.

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