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The 5 Best Garden Bushes

Pink-Drift rose flowers bush groundcover

A beautiful garden makes everything about a landscape design better. Have you ever thought about which pretty bushes should you add to your garden? While you may have some favorite flowers on your must-have list, this is a list of garden bushes that we believe are best. These bushes for gardens are unique, effortless and will bring beauty into your landscape.

  1. premier blueberry sweet fruit edible bush plant

    Premier Blueberry

    Blueberry Bush

The blueberry bush may not be the first bush you think of, but it truly should be. A plant for all seasons, the blueberry bush offers up gorgeous bell-shaped white flowers in spring; plump, sweet delectable blueberries in summer; and gorgeous crimson fall foliage for autumn and winter.

Beyond its beauty, blueberry bushes are also great choices for your home garden because conventionally grown blueberries are often full of pesticides. Best of all, blueberry bushes are easy to grow. We offer an assortment of three blueberry plants for best cross pollination (at a discounted rate!), as well as specialized blueberry bush planting mix. You can see all the different types of blueberry bushes that we offer here. Make sure to plant in full sun, they will not produce well in part shade. They are drought tolerant once established.

  1. Limelight Hydrangea bush cold hardy

    Limelight Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are easy flowering shrubs to maintain and they reward the gardener with huge, eye catching flowerheads that can last for weeks. Not only that, after they bloom, the flowerheads are beautiful and long lasting in dried arrangements or as cut flowers. Dwarf shrubs are also a good option for smaller gardens. Perfect Plants offers three different kinds of hydrangeas for different uses in the home landscape. (Check out our Hydrangea Grow Guide). They can be grown in full sun to partial shade in USDA hardiness zones 4-9.

  1. Double Pink Knock Out® Rose

    Double Pink Knock Out Rose

    Rose Bush

The rose bush is such a classic beauty, and there’s nothing better than a fresh vase of roses from your very own rose bush as your table’s centerpiece.

We know that it can be a bit complex if you’ve never grown a evergreen shrub rose before, so we wrote an entire blog for beginners  who want rose bushes in their gardens; it shares the key elements required for planting rose bushes (site, well drained soil, etc.). You can also review the many different types of rose bushes in our inventory here (as well as our exclusive rose planting mix!). Roses can act as ground covers and will grow to the site you plant them in.

  1. red ruffles azalea

    Bright Red Ruffles Azalea


Although there are thousands of varieties of azaleas, there is one thing that they all have in common: stunningly beautiful, bright flowers that are easy to cultivate with green foliage. One thing to consider: azaleas need to be in acidic soil in order to thrive (soil in which the pH is less than 7.0). As such, we offer a specialized acidic planting mix. Azalea shrubs are an excellent choice for foundation planting. Everything you need to know about growing azaleas can be found in our Azalea Grow Guide.

  1. Bridal Wreath Spirea showy white flowers

    Bridal Wreath Spirea


Another easy care/low-maintenance deciduous garden bush, spirea bushes are fast growing and offer beautiful flowers in early spring or midsummer. These hardy plants can grow up to 5-9 feet tall and wide at full maturity.

Bonus: if you love having butterflies, bees or hummingbirds buzzing around your beautiful garden, our Bridal Wreath Spirea is the perfect choice due to its gorgeous cascade of sweet, nectar-filled flowers.

We want you to feel confident about creating the perfect garden. We love specializing your shopping experience with custom recommendations from our experts. Contact us so we can help!

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