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Azaleas are an ideal perennial shrub for any landscape. They can offer bursts of colors and can be planted in foundation plantings, borders, or single plant specimens. These southern classics love the heat and can only be grown in the southern United States.

They are referred to as rhododendrons or azaleas depending on the number of stamens each flower has. These evergreen or deciduous shrubs are known to flower during spring and summer. They offer colorful splashes throughout many landscapes.

Commonly seen flowering in yards or along fence-ways or small state roads in the South. There are many color options when buying your new azalea shrub.

Azalea shrubs can grow to many shapes and sizes. The tallest one we offer is the Formosa Azalea and George Tabor that can grow up to 6-8 feet tall. Looking for a specific azalea variety? Contact us! We may be able to find this for you. We even have some dwarf azalea varieties such as the Red Ruffles.

Can be pruned to stay as a small shrub or an azalea tree. The Azalea will take any shape you prune it to. Or you can let it grow wild and take its mature height and width. It varies from plant to plant. Check out Basic Pruning for Shrubs and Trees if you need help.

Pick your planting site and then your azalea plant as most azaleas will grow to the area you plant them in. They are adaptable with some TLC. If your soil is lacking in pH you can add sulfate. An addition of slow release fertilizer will help with flowering each growing season.

Check out our Azalea Grow Guide for information on growing and cultivating these beautiful flowering shrubsKeep in mind, they are toxic to humans and animals if consumed.

Shop Azaleas for sale. One of our most popular ornamental shrubs.

How to Care for Azaleas

How to Plant Azaleas

We have everything you need to know about planting azalea shrubs. When your new azalea arrives, water it thoroughly until water runs through the bottom of the pot. Dig a hole the size twice the size of the root ball. Place the soaked root ball into the planting hole and backfill the soil until the top of the root ball is even with the ground. If you are planting in early spring, it is the best time to fertilize your new plant and give it a good boost of nutrients for the spring and summer growing season. Apply a thick 2 inch layer of mulch or organic matter to the top of the root zone to help retain moisture.

When to Plant Azaleas

The best time to plant azaleas is during the spring or fall so they have the whole growing season to establish a strong root system. Planting azaleas in spring gives them a long season to put energy into their roots and still allowing foliage to grow before going dormant for winter.

How to Grow Azaleas

Azaleas like well draining soil that is kept consistently moist during the growing season. A slightly acidic soil that is best. You may be asking do azaleas like sun or shade? Grow azaleas in full sun or partial shade. Too much sun can cause burning of the leaves. Your planting site should have both morning sun and afternoon shade.

Azaleas in Pots

You can plant azaleas in pots if desired. Smaller shrubs such as the Encore Azaleas will grow perfectly in containers and still provide the same beautiful flowers every year. This is a great option for gardeners without huge yard spaces that want to utilize this beautiful reblooming azalea.

Transplanting Azaleas

Need to move an azalea plant to a new location? It is certainly doable! Wondering when to transplant azaleas? The best time to transplant azalea shrubs is in early spring or fall. You can read more on how to transplant azaleas here.

How to Prune Azaleas

It is best to wait until the azalea shrubs are done blooming. Come in with your pruning shears or clippers and cut back any dead or diseased branches. You can then trim the azalea to the desired size and shape. They can take heavy pruning, so don't be scared to cut as much back as you would like.

When to Prune Azaleas

The best time to prune azaleas is as soon as they are done flowering. This is usually in the late spring or early summer. The cutoff month for azalea pruning is in June because by this time they are already starting to form flower buds for next year's bloom season. Never prune your azaleas in late summer or fall as this will cut off the new flowers for next spring.

When Do Azaleas Bloom?

Azaleas are early spring blooming plants. Several varieties of deciduous azaleas will open up their colorful flowers before any other spring blooming flower. They are a signal that spring is right around the corner! How long do azaleas bloom? Azaleas typically bloom for 1-2 months in the early spring months. This will vary depending on your location and when your last frost date is. How often do azaleas bloom? Typically, azaleas bloom once a year but occasionally (depending on weather) they can bloom twice a year. They are not known to flower in the winter but if the weather is right you may see some unexpected blossoms on these reblooming beauties.

How to Fertilize Azaleas

Azaleas will greatly benefit from fertilizing every year. A slow release fertilizer is the best fertilizer for azaleas and will provide nutrients that your soil may be lacking to give the extra boost for the spring flowers need as well as bright green foliage.

When to Fertilize Azaleas?

The best time to fertilize azaleas is in the early spring just as the shrub's flower buds are opening. You can fertilize again a few months later to provide nutrients for the year. You do not want to fertilize in fall or winter as this can stimulate new growth before the plant goes dormant for the year and could be susceptible to cold damage on newly formed branches.

Azaleas in Winter

Azaleas need winter care too! You should slow down considerably on watering your azalea shrubs during winter. Deciduous azaleas will drop all their leaves in the fall. A thick layer of mulch will help protect the root zone from the cold. Choose an azalea variety based on their winter hardiness and your location. You may drape a cloth or sheet over your azalea shrubs to protect against severe weather. If you are growing azaleas in containers outside of their planting zone, you can bring the container indoors to a warm garage or porch.

Deadheading Azaleas

Azalea shrubs can benefit from deadheading once the flowering period has ended. You can help your azaleas put more energy into foliage production and producing flower heads for next spring. They will do this instead of forming seedheads and making them appear more attractive. If you do not deadhead the spent blossoms, you may have fewer flowers next year.

Landscaping Ideas With Azaleas

The idea is to provide your home and garden with beautiful pops of color from early to mid spring. There are many landscaping ideas with azaleas you can incorporate into your home garden. Azaleas can be planted as single specimens or in groups. They can be planted in ground or in flower pots for smaller spaces. Pay attention to the mature size when grouping azaleas together and choose colors that complement one another. Place azaleas strategically in your yard where they can brighten up areas n the shade. You can combine azaleas with other flowering shrubs such as hydrangeas, hostas, or evergreen shrubs like boxwoods.

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