In Our Community

We love our community and are proud to be part of it. So, what better way to show our appreciation than to give back? Please take a moment to look at some of our accomplishments.

We’d like to take this moment to encourage you to take the time and do what you can in yours too.


2020 Perfect Plants Scholarship Award

September 2020

We would like to congratulate Kelby Biswell from the University of Arkansas for our 2020 South East Regional Scholarship award. Kelby is enrolled and studying in the fields of Horticulture and Agricultural Education with graduation plans of May 2021. As she said herself, horticulture is in her blood!

Kelby plans to use the money to help pay for her tuition and study abroad! She loved learning about different plant and animal species with characteristics of how to distinguish them. Her favorite class was welding! She said “It was so hands-on and I felt by being a female in there I was making a case for gender equality in agriculture.”

Congratulations, Kelby!

2019 South East Regional Scholarship Winner

September 2019

The winner of this year’s annual scholarship goes to the incredible Estella Zellmer. She  plans to pay for tuition and books to further her education in the field of horticulture and sustainable crop production from the Oklahoma State University.

Estella plans to have a career in helping sustainable agriculture in food deserts and impoverished countries. Her main goal is to make difficult-to-grow locations turn into productive land. Wow! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this field!

Good luck, Estella!

Perfect Plants Scholarship

September 2018

Perfect Plants is happy to congratulate our 2018 scholarship winner, Madison Hawkins, from Texas A&M University

Madison plans to further her education in agriculture economics after discovering her passion for horticulture by working on her families cotton and peanut farm since she was a young girl. Her dream is to open her own vineyard one day and we are happy to help support her goals. We know how important it is to keep this enthusiasm alive in the agricultural field and appreciate your hard work.

Congratulations Madison!!

Perfect Plants’ Scholarship AwardScholarship Community Emmanuel

March 2017 

As second-generation growers, we are proud of our industry and know how important it is to cultivate further interest and education in horticulture. Therefore, in 2016, we started Perfect Plants’ South East Regional Scholarship Program. As a result, students in the South East Region (incoming freshman, sophomore, junior or senior), going to school full or part time into a course of study at a community college or university leading to a career in the horticultural industry, are encouraged to apply. We’re thrilled to announce our first Scholarship awardee, Emmanuel Duarte from Florida International University. We’re proud of Emmanuel’s enthusiasm and passion in the agricultural field and want to encourage his progress in attaining a degree in Agricultural Science.

Emmanuel, we wish you the best of luck!

SUGAR PAWS for Jaisa

February 19, 2017

community - jaisa

We’re thrilled to contribute and help raise money during Sugar Paws’ Cornhole Tournament for Jaisa to acquire a SDWR dog! Our donations, along with many others, helped raise over $13,500.00 that day.

On February 21st, Sugar Paws for Jaisa posted on Facebook: “There are no words sufficient enough to convey the effervescent happiness that we are all feeling right now! From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank absolutely every person, volunteer, and sponsor who came to the tournament in support of this amazing family and more importantly in support of Jaisa and the pursuit of getting her the service dog. Together we raised over $13,500!!! Our hearts are overflowing with joy and love and we are in utter disbelief at the success of our event!”

UPDATE: On April 23, Sugar Paws for Jaisa posted: “Today we did it, today we reached our goal: $25,000! Jaisa gets her service dog! Our hearts are full and we don’t even know what to say or how to thank you all. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. Every single person who helped us get here, every business, every single donator, thank you! We could not have made it here without you all!”

We’re so happy to hear the goal was met and Jaisa got her service dog! We hope the two of them have many years filled with awesome adventures!

American Advertising Awards 2016

February 2017

Hard to believe it’s been a year since our site won “Best in Show”!

American Advertising Awards - best in showBest in show award 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness

October 2016

Breast cancer awareness double pink rose

For every pink bloom you purchased we donated 10% of your purchase! In order to make our donation even more significant, Perfect Plants matched your percentage. We’re proud to announce that we were able to make a generous donation to The American Cancer Society as a result of your online purchases.

Thank you for helping share awareness and find a cure! We hope be able to donate even more next year!

A Day to Remember

Perfect Plants was honored to donate 54 Dogwood trees that were planted in memorial for this heartfelt event

Stacey Williams, April 30, 2016

Bad Newz Kennels Dogs Deserve Better community
Bad Newz Kennels Dogs Deserve Better community

April 30, 2016 is a day many will never forget. It was a day dedicated to the dogs who lived on 1915 Moonlight Road. After months of meticulous planning my dream of paying tribute to and memorializing the dogs of the Bad Newz Kennels came to be. This day would not have been possible without the support of all involved and the sponsors of the trees and the event. Thank you!

Many traveled a long way to participate in this event. A huge thank you to the investigators and officials on the Vick case who felt it important enough to attend and meet the adopters and various rescue groups who participated in saving these precious dogs. The adopters and rescuers shared their story and at that moment we became one with the dogs all sharing one common goal – Jim Knorr, retired USDA Special Agent on the Vick case reminded us of that goal – NEVER FORGET the dogs of the Bad Newz Kennels. Bill Brinkman, through his daughter, thanked everyone involved with saving these dogs and asked us to keep doing what is right, and we will. Author of The Lost Dogs, Jim Gorant, spoke about rescuing animals and the importance of everyone coming together to help an animal in their time of need. Wolf of Justice Rescue spoke of efforts to conquer dog fighting and when Janet Hopkins from the Metropolitan Opera sang You Will Never Walk Alone there was not a dry eye in the house.

Bad Newz Kennels Dogs Deserve Better community
Bad Newz Kennels Dogs Deserve Better community

Together we planted dogwood trees with plaques in honor of each and every dog seized nine years ago, and a weeping cherry to honor those who never made it out. The back field is now full of life with beautiful flowering trees for all to enjoy. This was a day of sharing and caring but finally for some, there was closure and peace.

It was a day of peace,a day of closure and a day to remember the dogs of the Bad Newz Kennels. Dogs Deserve Better was honored to host this Tribute and Memorial for the dogs. We were honored to have the adopters, the rescuers, the investigators and dog lovers from all over the country attend. We will always cherish the memories, the tears and the smiles. It was a day to remember.

 The Kearney Center Rally Tally

Facebook, April 19, 2016

Kearney before n after

We are fortunate to live in such a supportive community! We were in need of some new plants to “spruce” up our property, so Perfect Plants Nursery generously donated 15 beautiful boxwood shrubs. In addition, The Plant Man Landscape & Design donated 7 bails of pine straw and planted everything for us. The center is going to look awesome for our Kearney Rally Tally on Saturday!

Kearney event boys together

Fort Braden Elementary School students receive Christmas trees

Ashley White, Tallahassee Democrat staff writer 6:16 p.m. EST December 22, 2015

Stephanie Waugh from The Plant Man with some of the Fort Braden Elementary School students who received free Christmas trees. (Photo: Kristina Carlisle)

Students at Fort Braden Elementary School received Christmas trees to help get their homes in the holiday spirit.

The 12 trees were delivered by Perfect Plants Nursery on Dec. 9.

“We chose (Fort Braden) because we wanted a diverse population,” said Alex Kantor, owner of Perfect Plants Nursery. “We wanted to get the trees in homes that didn’t have them and make a Christmas for someone.”

The idea came from Kristina Carlisle who works at Perfect Plants. Then, Natalie Kantor, Kantor’s sister, bought the trees and tree stands to give away. Administrators and guidance counselors at Fort Braden chose the students who they believed would give the trees good homes.

“They were so happy,” Kantor said. “It’s definitely something I think we’re going to continue to do each year. It’s just nice to give back to someone who can really benefit from having a tree in their home.”

ft braden tree donation

We hope this page encourages you to do whatever you can (there’s no donation or contribution too small) for your community!