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Perfect Plants is proud to offer you hundreds of plants, trees and shrubs, each listed on our website with full item descriptions, planting specifications, lighting, watering and pruning suggestions all available at your fingertips from the comfort of your home.

We ship healthy, good sized plants with well-developed root systems in their containers with soil that have been grown by our nursery experts in the ideal conditions specific to each plant, including the best lighting, fertilizer treatments, water and pruning routines that will guarantee a quality plant is delivered to your door step that will make an immediate impression on your landscape (and your neighbors!).

Being a family-owned and operated company that has built its reputation on quality over the last 35 years, Perfect Plants is committed to giving each and every order the careful and detail-oriented attention required to ensure your utmost satisfaction. We review every order we receive, ship each plant true to its name, package our plants in a careful manner and are available for any and all questions you may have. Our warm weather and well-situated location enables us to supply a large variety of plants all over the country, and chances are we have the ‘perfect plant’ for your particular climate.

  1. Richard Marksbury

    I simply cannot say enough nice and positive things about this company. The staff are helpful, friendly and efficient. The plants (I have ordered three times from them after a very positive first-experience) are carefully packed and shipped and were exactly as described. I transplanted them the day after they arrived and all are thriving. Compare the costs, including shipping, and you will see that they are more than reasonable. ONE-STOP-SHOPPING. I will be a returning customer.

    Loropetalum Ruby Chinese Fringe FlowerLoropetalum Ruby Chinese Fringe Flower

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  2. GB (verified owner)

    Great trees! Ordered 1 tree as a test run, then 2 more because I was happy about the results of the first tree. All 3 tree are between 3&1/2 – 4 feet tall, as advertised. Pot size is about 10inches by 10inches, its about a 3gallon sized pot/rootball, with roots starting to poke out the bottom. They did a good job packing the trees and shipping was fast. Saved about 100% versus buying from local nursery. Would do business again

    Bracken's Brown Beauty MagnoliaBracken’s Brown Beauty Magnolia

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  3. Penny Lane

    Ordered this tree and it looked exactly like the picture! Ordered 1 tree as a test order, was so pleased I ordered 2 more. I cant wait till it starts to produce Olives! Packaging was excellent , no damage to the trees upon delivery.

    Arbequina Olive TreeArbequina Olive Tree

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  4. Valerie Douglas

    Awesome product. Quick delivery

    Asiatic JasmineAsiatic Jasmine

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  5. Charlie

    Beautiful healthy plant. Great service!

    Autumn Embers™ Encore® AzaleaAutumn Embers™ Encore® Azalea

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