Nutrients are essential for the growth and health of every plant. Plant fertilizers provide the essential nutrients for plants that soils may be lacking.

Fertilizers are made up of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium) - which are the basic elements that are required in larger quantities than other elements. Our fertilizer pellets will supply your plants with the nutrients they need.

We specially formulate all of these garden fertilizers for specific plants, houseplants, and other ornamentals. Not sure which fertilizer is right for you? Choose our slow release fertilizer as a general use fertilizer for all plants, trees, and shrubs. Check out this blog on the different Types of Fertilizer to learn more.

We have the best fertilizer for gardens as well as orchid fertilizer, succulent fertilizer, fiddle leaf fig fertilizer, bonsai tree fertilizer, and palm tree fertilizer.

Wondering how to fertilize plants? Each fertilizer will come with a set of instructions for the amount and duration of the fertilization schedule. Do your research for specific plants. The best time to fertilize is in spring or during the active growing season.

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