Plant and Garden Soils

Soil is the backbone to all gardening and having healthy plants. For plants to thrive and survive, they need nutrients, water and pH passed through soil to their roots.

Our specially formulated garden soils will help amend your native soil or containerized plants. We hand mix all potting soils on site at the nursery for the best experience possible for our customers.

These soils can be used as garden soils, in raised beds or containers, or added when planting a new tree or shrub.

We have soils for all types of plants including bonsai trees, orchid plants, blueberry plants, fruit trees, rose bushes, and succulents. It is always best to perform a soil test to determine nutrients levels or nutrient deficiencies that are possible, as well as soil pH. Our Acidic Potting Soil is perfect for amending soils that need a decrease in pH.

We always recommend checking out your local Agricultural extension agency for extra help too!

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