Crape Myrtle Trees

Crape Myrtle Trees are a staple in many Southern landscapes!

They offer a showy display of cone-shaped flowers, colorful foliage, and attractive cinnamon, peeling bark. In addition to that, their fast growing nature is another reason why they are favorited by gardeners all around.

They are easy to grow and can offer a tall height quickly with up to 2-4 feet per year. Lagerstroemia indica is often grown as a focal piece in landscapes, a row of flowering hedges, or as a shrubby bush for smaller dwarf crape myrtles.

Crape Myrtle trees can be trained to grow with one trunk as a central leader or more often have multiple trunks that end with cascading branches where the flowers appear. Their flowering period can last for up to 120 days. The flower stems appear on new wood so pruning will encourage more flower blooms.

Our crape myrtles are selected based on mature size, bloom color, and USDA growing zones. These trees are suited for warmer temperatures but a select few may be slightly more cold hardy than others.

Crape Myrtles require full sun and well draining soil. Water well the first year of planting to establish a strong root system. The biggest cause of crape myrtle death is not enough water!!

Check out our Crape Myrtle Grow Guide for more information on planting and growing these Southern gems!

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