Redbud Trees

Redbud Trees

Redbud trees are a true North American staple piece in many landscapes! These native trees have been gracing the United States since the dawn of time.

Staying small in stature and only growing up to 20-30 feet tall, they can fit in a wide range of planting sites.

Our 2 Redbud varieties: Eastern Redbud and Forest Pansy Redbud are two unique trees each with their own individual characteristics that share similar qualities.

Redbuds are deciduous trees meaning they lose their colorful leaves in the fall. Forest Pansy has a brilliant display of purple leaves with a whimsical appearance. Once Spring arrives, this flowering tree has a pop of spring color with pink or purple flower buds that light up the tree.

Eastern Redbud's leaves emerge green in the spring with the same pink flowers. This small tree's heart shaped foliage will turn to blue-green and eventually yellow in the fall giving it great fall color.

These trees prefer well drained soil and full sun to partial shade to perform best.

Be sure to check out the Redbud Grow Guide when it comes out for more information on redbud tree care and how to keep these gorgeous trees thriving in your landscape.

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