Apple Trees

We offer a nice selection of 8 different apple tree varieties for you choose from. Growing your own apples can be rewarding, life changing, and fun! Never buy another apple from the store. Growing apples is an affordable and worthwhile hobby (or job!).

Each variety varies on location preference (USDA plant hardiness zone), soil, sunlight, and water needs. Be sure to check all of these before buying and planting your new apple tree. Check out the Apple Tree Grow Guide for other useful information on how to grow apples.

Apples taste deliciously sweet and each apple variety has it's own unique flavor. These trees will produce loads of apples in no time for you to harvest and use. They can be enjoyed fresh off the tree, or stored for later use. Make a perfect apple pie!

These apple trees vary in size of how tall and wide they get. Choose your planting site first and then choose your apple tree. We even offer dwarf apple trees for small planting sites. Shop our apple trees for sale.

Happy planting!