Berry Bushes

Berry Bushes

No matter where you live you can grow berry bushes! Nothing beats walking into your backyard or patio and picking delicious berries right off the bush.

Our selection of berries include raspberry bushes and blackberry bushes and don't forget to check out the blueberry bushes which have their own section. These berry plants are easy to grow and produce bushels of berries within the first year of planting.

The Berry Informative Berry Blog will give you all the information you need to know about choosing which berry plants are right for you.

When to Plant Berry Bushes

These varieties of vining berry plants can grow in a variety of planting sites and climates across the United States. The best time to plant is in the early spring so the plant has the whole growing season to establish its roots.

Berries prefer full sun and well draining soil to produce to their fullest potential. Choose a planting site that exhibits these qualities and still gives the plant room the grow. Plant raspberry or blackberry bushes in the ground but they will also grow well in containers if you are limited on space.

Most berry bushes are self fertile but will perform better with another bush nearby for enhanced cross pollination. Wondering how far apart to plant berry bushes? These varieties need at least 5 feet apart of growing room unless planted in containers.

Enhance your tastebuds with fresh and juicy berries. Berries are versatile and can be eaten straight off the bush, turned into jams or jellies, cakes or pies, or frozen for later use.

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