Azalea Shrubs

Azaleas are an ideal perennial shrub for any landscape. They can offer bursts of colors and can be planted in foundation plantings, borders, or as single plant specimens. These southern classics love the heat and can only be grown in the southern United States.

They are referred to as rhododendrons or azaleas depending on the number of stamens each flower has. These evergreen or deciduous shrubs are known to flower in spring and summer. They offer colorful splashes throughout many landscapes. They are not known to flower in the winter but if the weather is right you may see some unexpected blossoms on these reblooming beauties.

Commonly seen flowering in yards or along fence-ways or small state roads in the South. There are many color options when buying your new azalea shrub.

Azalea shrubs can grow to many shapes and sizes. The tallest one we offer is the Formosa Azalea and George Tabor that can grow up to 6-8 feet tall. Looking for a specific azalea variety? Contact us! We may be able to find this for you.

Can be pruned to stay as a small shrub or an azalea tree. The Azalea will take any shape you prune it to. Or you can let it grow wild and take its mature height and width. It varies plant to plant. Check out Basic Pruning for Shrubs and Trees if you need  help.

Azaleas like acidic soil that is well draining and in full sun to partial shade. Too much sun can cause burning of the leaves. Your planting site should have both.

Pick your planting site and then your azalea plant as most azaleas will grow to the area you plant them in. They are adaptable with some TLC. If your soil is lacking in pH you can add sulfate. An addition of slow release fertilizer will help with flowering each growing season.

Check out our Azalea Grow Guide for information on growing and cultivating these beautiful flowering shrubs. Keep in mind, they are toxic to humans and animals if consumed.

Shop Azaleas for sale. One of our most popular ornamental shrubs.