Boxwood Shrubs

These hardy evergreen shrubs can be used for a variety of landscaping needs. Can be easily manipulated into a multitude of shapes, such as boxes or globes.

They have made their way into many American gardens as both hedges, fences, borders both small and large, and as ornamental plants. They are generally slow growing shrubs.

The 2 varieties that we offer have small, rounded shapes. The Wintergreen Boxwood is more cold hardy while the Japanese Boxwood gets a little larger.

Choose your new boxwood with care and thought. What does your planting sight look like? Are you trying to make a single specimen plant or use as a hedging plant? Each boxwood can provide a variety of uses depending on your landscape's needs.

Boxwoods prefer full sun and partial shade during the hottest periods of the year. Choose a planting site that has both. It is important to water the boxwood plant extensively during the initial planting period. They require a lot of water to establish their shallow root sysytem.

Check out the Boxwood Grow guide for information on choosing, planting, and growing your slow growing evergreen shrub.

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