Ground Covers

Looking to cover some space in your garden or landscape with a low growing shrub or flowering plant? Ground cover plants are the perfect option for you!

Our common groundcovers are nice on the eyes, low growing and spread to the area they are planted in, low maintenance and drought tolerant once the root systems establish. These plants help control weed growth and loss of soil due to erosion.

Most of these groundcover shrubs are fast growing in nature and will spread in a clumping habit. Each plant listing will tell you whether they are shade ground covers or for planting in full sun. They are all different!

Some are evergreen and some may lose their leaves in the winter; while some are flowering ground covers that produce colorful flowers in the spring and summer months. The Asiatic Jasmine is unique because it is a woody vine.

Why use plain old grass when you can cover your planting site, hill or slope, areas underneath trees, or other spots that are difficult to plant in with ground cover plants.

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