Holly Shrubs

Holly bushes are generally small evergreen trees or shrubs that provide privacy. They are slow growing plants that can have lush, green foliage year round and bright red ornamental berries in the fall and winter months.

Holly trees create dense privacy hedges that form borders around your landscape. The tallest holly tree we offer is the Oakleaf Holly, which can grow up to 14 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Some smaller hollies include Soft Touch Holly and Dwarf Burford Holly. The small hollies are perfect for filling in gaps in your landscape and adding a green

These shrubs are low maintenance and require little pruning throughout their life only to maintain desired shape. Hollies are rarely affected by pests or diseases making them the perfect choice for many landscapes. Most of them can grow across the United States in various regions and planting sites.

Hollies prefer full sun but can tolerate partial shade especially in locations where there are very hot summers. These plants like well draining, acidic soils but most are not picky and will adapt.

We offer several varieties of holly shrubs that come in different shapes and sizes. Note the Sky Pencil Holly for a columnar growing plant that fits in small spaces. Once established, they will require little to no maintenance to keep their green leaves thriving.

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