Liriope Plants

Liriope plants are an excellent choice for ground covers and provide low maintenance qualities that will keep you worry free for as long as you let them grow.

Commonly called lilyturf or monkey grass, these tough ornamental grasses are extremely easy to care for and are perennial plants, meaning they come back year after year. Grows well in many regions across the United States and is hardy down to zone 5.

They are ideal for lining borders, hedges, foundation plantings, and frequently planted around walkways and under trees. Liriope make the perfect edging plant and helps with weed control.

They can thrive in partial sun to partial shade making them perfect for any place in your landscape. Liriope is not picky on soil type and can do well in moist or dry soils. Once established, they are very drought tolerant.

Liriope grass has stalky, spiked flowers that rise above the green foliage in shades of purple and lavender in the spring and summer months. The grass spreads in a clumping form making it easy to divide.

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