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Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are prided all over the world for their grace and beauty.

We offer a variety of Southern Magnolias in the Magnolia grandiflora species as well as flowering magnolias that are deciduous in nature and can produce beautiful purple or pink goblet shaped flower blossoms. Read more about our other Early Spring Blooming trees and shrubs.

Magnolias are some of the best front yard trees because of their large stature, beautiful blooming flowers, and lush evergreen leaves. Your planting site awill be permanent so pick the best variety of tree based on your planting sites,  USDA zone, and space for it to grow.

Other things to consider when planting your magnolia tree is if it is in full sun or partial shade. Different magnolias prefer different growing conditions. Soil conditions can also come into factor. Choose a planting site with well draining soil.

The Southern Magnolias have some of the largest flowers of all the flowering trees and they put on a show to see. When they are not in flower, the evergreen leaves shine with a glossy hue. They make great specimen trees year round.

Our flowering deciduous magnolias like the Ann and Jane should not be overlooked either. They bloom early in the spring before most other flowering trees. They do not mind full sun or partial shade. These are true statement trees and should be planted where they can be enjoyed. They will lose their leaves in the fall.

Luckily, all types of magnolias can be grown in many regions of the United States and some are quite cold hardy. The DD Blanchard is the most cold hardy of the magnolia grandifloras and all of the deciduous magnolias are hardy for the Northern states.

The Little Gem is a great choice if you are looking for a dwarf magnolia tree that only gets up to 20 feet tall. 

Many kinds of magnolias have a fast growth rate and can be excellent shade trees for your landscape. 

Check out the Magnolia Grow Guide for more information on choosing, planting, and growing magnolia trees.

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