Thuja Green Giant Tree

Thuja Green Giant Tree

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  • Fast growing evergreen

  • Provides privacy

  • Low maintenance

  • Winter hardy

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Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae Grows up to 3 Feet a Year!

The Thuja Green Giant tree will add a lush, green privacy screen to your yard in no time! One of our most favorite and fastest-growing trees.

The National Arboretum presents the ‘Green Giant’ which is a vigorously growing, pyramidal shaped evergreen with a dark green color that remains outstanding throughout hardiness range. Green Thuja is perfect for privacy tree needs as it is a hybrid of the thuja plicata tree that graces the northwest. 

The Thuja tree is ornamentally appealing as a single plant, specimen tree, a dense screen, or as a living frame for your landscape or garden. Plant your tree at your property line for ultimate privacy function. Don’t worry about the deer! It is deer resistant.

Thuja Green Giant arborvitae is a large, evergreen sentinel in any landscape. Living up to its name, this “giant” tolerates a wide range of soil and growing zones and has very few pests or disease problems on its rich green foliage. Check out our Pests and Diseases blog for more information on Thuja Green Giant tree problems.


The thujas hardiness zones are best in the department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 5-9 across the United States. This landscaping tree performs best in moist, fertile, well-drained soil conditions in full sun to partial shade. Ideal conditions for the giant Thuja tree are at least 4-6 hours of sun per day. This large tree cannot handle wet sites or poorly drained soil types like heavy clay because of the possibility of root rot.

The Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae growth rate is extremely fast! It can grow up to 3-5 feet per year once established, and it can quickly reach a height up to 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide at maturity. As young plants, they grow faster during the spring and summer growing season more than any other season.

Slow-release fertilizers at the base of the root ball will help give this tree the boost it needs in early spring. The emerald green needles may darken or bronze slightly in winter. If the leaves turn brown you may have a different issue such as lack of watering.

Newly planted trees need lots of water and a thick layer of mulch to help retain moisture and protect the roots. Water your trees a few times a week, especially during the summer months when temperatures are hotter. The root system will establish after 1 year if watered thoroughly. After 1 year of fast growth, it is fairly drought tolerant.

The best time to plant Thuja Green Giant shrubs is in early spring so the trees have the whole growing season to establish before the ice and snow of winter come. Dig a hole the size of the root ball and don’t plant too close! Thuja Green Giant hedges will establish quickly and provide the privacy you need.

Planting Thuja Green Giant Plants

Wondering how far apart to plant arborvitae? Thuja Green Giant spacing should be planted at least 5-15 feet apart because of their girth and length. This will leave plenty of room to grow! Some use it as a screen plant or hedging plant to line a fence in their yard in a straight row of trees. You can also do it in a double row spacing as long as you have a wide area so they can reach their mature width.

Bushier than our Leyland Cypresses, but still the same Christmas tree like form. You can prune your Thuja tree into a shorter hedge for a single row spaced and keep the height at 12 to 15 feet tall if desired. They can tolerate heavy shearing and we encourage pruning to promote new growth.

Check out the Thuja Green Giant reviews to see what our happy customers thought of these fast-growing evergreen trees. These Green Giant arborvitae tree plants do not ship bare root. They are rooted in a container in soil.

You may be asking… where should I plant my Thuja Green Giant? And how to plant my Green Giant arborvitae? Not to worry… check out our blog posts on Thujas in the Best Privacy Trees blog.

We hope you like our Thuja Green Giant for sale. It is known as the tree of life for how fast-growing the green giant tree is and is prized for being disease-free.

Check out our Thuja Green Giant Grow Guide for more information on growing these beautiful trees.

You can also check out our Evergreen Tree Grow Guide for more information on planting evergreens. For more trees to plant in your landscape visit our Top 3 Trees To Plant for Earth Day blog.

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Botanical Name
Thuja Standishii x plicata 'green giant'

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Foliage Color

Mature Width
12-20 ft

Mature Height
20-40 ft

Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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