Japanese Boxwood

Best Places for Boxwoods

Boxwoods arenā€™t just for hedges anymore. The compact, bushy shape and pretty little leaves of the Japanese boxwood make a handsome, fine textured evergreen shrub that can be used effectively in many parts of the home landscape.     A Japanese boxwood pruned by the thinning method (as opposed to formal shearing ā€“ see Perfect […]

Plant Hardiness Zones USDA planting zone

Plant Hardiness Zones

About Those USDA Climate Zones Ā  The familiar United States Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone Map is based on the average annual minimum temperature for each zone.Ā Needless to say, some years a zone will get a minimum temperature lower or higher than the average. Nevertheless, the average minimum temperature is a fairly good indicator […]

falling for pecans sumner

Falling for Pecans

Pecans play a huge role in fall and winter holiday traditions and cuisine, especially in the South. Whether itā€™s a classic pecan pie (or even pecan pie truffles), pralines, banana bread or otherĀ savory dishes, pecans can have their place at every meal, and make a great snack in between. While some in-storeĀ pecans are nice to […]

Get in the zone!

If you have ever purchased plants before, chances are you have come across something called the ā€œplant hardiness zoneā€ (or just ā€œzoneā€) for a particular plant. These zones are determined by the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map which is utilized by all plant growers and sellers. The Zone Map is the standard that growers follow […]

ā€˜Tis the seasonā€¦ to preserve your plants!

The winter season bring with it an array of exciting and fresh changesā€”the leaves turn from greens to vibrant oranges and reds, the humidity and heat you battled all summer longĀ fades away and in its place cool and refreshing breezes wake up your heat-logged senses. If you are in the northern states, snow begins to […]

Top 5 Favorite Flowers for Spring

Want to spruce up your garden this spring, but find the myriad of flowers at your local nursery overwhelming? Here is a list of our top five spring flowers that are guaranteed to brighten up your landscape with bursts of color and character this spring! Azaleaā€”The red, pink and whiteĀ blossoms of the aesthetic Azalea are […]