how to plant maple tree

How to Plant a Maple Tree

No other tree can outshine a maple when it comes to spectacular fall colors, shade production, and overall landscape beauty. Use these tips for planting a maple tree so you can get off to a great start this planting season. Most of us are familiar with the large-growing varieties of maple trees and have probably enjoyed […]

woman repotting a plant

When to Repot Plants

Ever wondered when to repot plants? We “repot” a containerized plant when the potting medium becomes so hard and impermeable that water just runs right past it along the sides of the pot, or when we want to change the container for aesthetic reasons. This can be applied to outdoor or indoor plants. Best Selling Shrubs […]

azalea flowers up close

How to Transplant Azaleas

It happens to all gardeners eventually: A favorite perennial or shrub is in the wrong place, and needs to be moved. Transplanting azaleas is no different. If it’s an azalea, you’re in luck because azaleas have shallow roots, are easy to dig up, and recover quickly from the stress of moving. Even mature azaleas can be […]