Viburnum Bushes

Viburnum shrubs are an easy going, low maintenance plant that can be used for privacy, as a specimen plant or foundation plantings.

Landscapes all over the United States are dotted with these colorful plants. They are most loved for their beautiful foliage, showy flowers, and easy to care for qualities.

Our selection of 3 viburnums brings you evergreen and semi-evergreen shrubs that will grace your yard with spring blooming flowers. They have a sweet smelling fragrance as an added bonus. The flowers can range in color from pink to white to cream. They also attract bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. Some plants feature ornamental berries.

Viburnum plants are adaptable to many climates and planting sites and will have your landscape looking beautiful in no time. These shrubs are pest and disease resistant and can be pruned to maintain desired shape and size.

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