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Grow fruit trees, even in cold climates! Our most hardy fruit trees for the north can grow in USDA cold hardiness zones 4 and above. These cold hardy fruit plants can tolerate freezing temperatures brought by harsh winters and will survive year after year with ease. 

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These cold weather fruit trees are already adapted to colder temperatures, longer winters, and a delayed spring growing season. Don't risk losing your bounty over late winter frosts that could kill flowers in bloom! These are the best fruit trees for cold climates! Cold hardy apple trees are probably the most common fruit tree grown in colder climate zones. Find new and exciting fruit tree varieties you have never seen before at the grocery store!

Shop cold hardy fruit trees for sale if you live in the northern United States and still want to accomplish growing fruit! We’ve got tons of delicious fruit options for you!

Planting Cold Hardy Fruit Trees

When choosing your planting spot in cold climates, be sure to choose an eastern or southern facing spot so your fruit trees receive the most sunlight. Full sun is required for most fruit trees to produce fruit. This means that at least 6-8 hours are needed to bear fruit that is worthy of eating. 

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As always, find varieties to cross pollinate with each other for best fruit production. Tons of varieties boast of being self fertile, and while they can produce fruit with only 1 tree, it’s best to have more than one tree for a heavier fruit load. Means more fruit for you!

What is Cold Hardiness? What Does Cold Hardy Mean?

Cold hardiness is the ability to resist injury during exposure to low temperatures. Cold

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tenderness is the opposite of cold hardiness. Cold injury is the killing by the low temperature of some part of the vine.

What is My Cold Hardiness Zone?

Cold Hardiness zones are based on the average annual minimum temperature in a given area of the country, with USDA Zone 1 being the coldest at minus 50 degrees F and USDA Zone 13 the warmest at above 60 degrees F. 

For every climate, there are hardier fruit trees that will grow better than others. You will want to choose the appropriate variety of fruit trees for your planting zone. We have several cold hardy peach trees & cold hardy fig trees that will do well in USDA zones 5, 6, and 7. 

Are There Cold Hard Tropical Fruit Trees?

Yes! There are many cold hardy tropical plants and trees that can do well in cold temperatures while giving your home a touch of paradise. There are cold hardy palm trees, like the Windmill Palm Tree, which is the most cold hardy of the palms, that can tolerate colder temperatures. Cold hardy Basjoo Banana Trees are aesthetically tropical, yet cold tolerant. Even cold hardy hostas can add a luscious green look to your home in the winter. There are many cold hardy trees and plants that can help keep your home looking like a tropical vacation all year!

What Flowers are Cold Hardy?

Just because it's winter and temperatures are colder doesn't mean you can have a beautiful floral garden. While there are many flowers that are cold hardy, some of the most popular include calendulas, osteospermum, pansies, petunias, swiss hard, and flowering kale!

What Plants are Cold Hardy?

All plants have different sun and warmth needs. But some of the best frost-resistant plants include Violas, hostas, heuchera, iris, lily of the valley, cyclamen, and phlox. These plants tolerate frost and keep your garden looking beautiful and colorful through the winter. 

What are the Best Cold Hardy Fruit Trees?

You can grow fruit from your own trees that can survive the winter and tolerate colder temperatures. So, which fruit trees are cold hardy? Cold hardy fruit trees include apple (Gala, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, & Sweet Sixteen), cherry (English Morello, Meteor, Montmorency, & North Star), pear (Flemish Beauty, Luscious, Max Red Bartlett, & Seckel), and plum (Alderman, Blue Damson, Stanley, & Superior).

How Cold Can Fruit Trees Tolerate?

Most fruit trees in bloom can withstand temperatures as low as 28°F for 30 minutes and lose only 10% of their buds.

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