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Cover Your Yard with Our Gorgeous Collection of Vining Shrubs

Vining shrubs are nothing short of spectacular. They’re compact at the base but send out long vines that will either crawl across the ground or climb up trellises, fences, or whatever you provide for them to climb. We have several flowering choices that are vibrant and fragrant, as well as evergreen options that make an excellent ground cover and will keep your flower beds looking lush and green all year long.

The evergreen choices like the Asiatic Jasmine Shrub are perfect for areas that are difficult to grow things in. They’re low maintenance, provide erosion control, and will brighten up spaces in the cold months when most other plants are dormant. Consider placing them in flower beds or around walkways.

Flowering shrubs like the Star Jasmine Vine Shrub are perfect for seating areas, pergolas, and arbors because they have beautiful flowers and lovely fragrances you’ll want to sit and enjoy.

Vining Shrubs Care Overview

Many of our vining shrubs are ideal for temperate climates. They love sunlight but can tolerate partial shade, and they’re low maintenance, so you won’t have to put in much work to make them look beautiful! Vining shrubs are a perfect choice if you want to cover an area quickly without needing to care for plants constantly or if you want a beautiful container plant.

How to Plant Vining Shrubs

Vining shrubs don’t take up much space at the base, so planting will be pretty easy! Plant your shrubs in early spring after the danger of frost is gone. If you use your shrub as a container plant, you can plant it earlier if you bring it indoors during freezing temperatures.

Dig a hole as deep and wide as the root ball. Place the plant in the hole, backfill it with soil, and water it. Add more dirt if necessary. If you choose a container, choose a size 2-3 inches bigger than the root ball, so it can have some room to grow.

Mature Heights and Zoning

The heights and zones vary for each plant, but most plants will grow vines about 20 feet long. Most of our collection is suitable for zones 7-9. The Wisteria Amethyst Falls can grow well in zone 5, and the Tecoma Chicklet Orange Trumpet Vine can grow in zones up to 11.

How to Water Vining Shrubs

Water your vining shrub thoroughly the first year it’s in your garden. If your plant is in a container, be sure it has a drainage hole, so it doesn’t hold on to excess water. Vining shrubs are somewhat drought tolerant and won’t need to be watered as often after the first year.

Water deeply every time you water so it can get deep into the ground to encourage deep root growth.

How to Fertilize Vining Shrubs

Most plants won’t require fertilizer, but doing so will benefit them. Choose a balanced all-purpose slow-release fertilizer. Apply it at the base of the plant in the spring to feed it all year long. Fertilizer will help the roots grow stronger and encourage the plant to develop more flowers.

How to Prune Vining Shrubs

Vining shrubs don’t need to be pruned, but doing so once a year will encourage new growth. Remove old or unwanted vines before new growth appears in late winter or early spring. Some plants may produce more flowers if you remove spent blooms, depending on the plant.
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