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Liriope plants are an excellent choice for ground covers and provide low maintenance qualities that will keep you worry free for as long as you let them grow.

Commonly called lilyturf or monkey grass, these tough ornamental grasses are extremely easy to care for and are perennial shrubs, meaning they come back year after year. Grows well in many regions across the United States and is hardy down to zone 5.

They are ideal for lining liriope borders, hedges, and foundation plantings, and are frequently planted around walkways and under trees. Liriope makes the perfect edging plant and helps with weed control.

Liriope plants are late summer bloomers that bloom from July to September depending on your location. You will notice their tall flower stalks creeping up when the weather peaks in summer and the colorful purple blooms will burst open to reveal their gorgeous flowers.

What Are the Best Types of Liriope to Plant?

 Perfect Plants has over 5 different liriope varieties to offer.

Liriope has wider leaves than Mondo Grass and is a shorter plant. The berries have different colors too. The berries on Mondo grass are blue while the berries on Liriope are purplish black. Mondo grass will spread quicker than liriope.

If you are looking for true varieties, the Variegated Liriope & Royal Purple Liriope are two of our top sellers. 

How to Care for Liriope Shrubs You Purchased

These flowering shrubs can thrive in partial sun to partial shade making them perfect for any place in your landscape. Liriope is not picky on soil type and can do well in moist or dry soils. Once established, they are very drought tolerant.

Liriope grass has stalky, spiked flowers that rise above the green foliage in shades of purple and lavender in the spring and summer months. The liriope flowers spread in a clumping form making them easy to divide. Eventually, the flowers will turn into dark purple or black berries. 

 Read more about How to Mass Plant Ground Covers like liriope.

Check out the Grow Guide for Liriope Plants for more information on growing and caring for these low maintenance shrubs.

Pruning liriope plants help maintain an attractive shape while allowing new foliage and leaves to grow. It is pretty easy to accomplish! Liriope benefits from an annual pruning that starts with removing any dead or spent leaves. You should discard these in the trash. Pruning liriope for winter removes old growth and makes way for new shoots. 

If you are liriope mass planting, the plants should be spaced 1-2 feet apart. They are the perfect liriope ground cover plants that spread easily and cover planting areas. They will form a living carpet with green foliage. Smaller dwarf liriope can be spaced closer together. Ultimately, it depends on what look you are going for in your garden.

How Fast Do Liriope Bought Online Grow?

Liriope can spread quickly, especially if being fertilized and maintained regularly. The mature size can grow up to 1-2 feet tall and wide depending on the type of liriope. It can grow several inches a year and fills in areas of your landscape nicely. For one of the fastest growing shrubs, check out Liriope Spicata as a creeping variety. 

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