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26 products

Tropical plants add a luscious touch to any home and garden. There are many tropical plant varieties to choose from, with colorful flowers, exotic leaf shapes in all sizes. Our live tropical plants can add a rare, exotic look to your home and garden and make it feel like a rainforest or island paradise. Buy tropical houseplants online and get fast, free and secure shipping with live tropical plants delivered to your door! Shop our tropical plants for sale and add an exotic look to your garden today!

What are Tropical Plants?

Tropical plants are plants that exist and grow in the tropical parts of the world. There are so many diverse exotic plant varieties its hard to describe them all in one way. Tropical plants can usually be found in warm and humid environments and tend to be brightly colored. 

How to Care for Tropical Plants

Tropical plant care will depend on the species or variety but there are some way you can care for live tropical plants. Hot humid climates and temperature are preferred by tropical plants. Its best to bring exotic and tropical indoors When it rains, snows, or is generally cold outside. You can add a balanced fertilizer to tropical plants to encourge healthy growth and repot them with well-draining soil when necessary

How to Keep Tropical Plants Warm in Winter

Here are some idea to help keep your tropical plants warm in the winter. If at all possible, its best to move your live tropical plants indoors during cold seasons. You can also cover your plants with plastic bags or burlap sacks. And if you want to put in more effort, you can create a green house or poly tunnel lined with landscape fabric to help keep your tropical plants warm.

Can Tropical Plants be Outside?

You can grow tropical plants but it really depends on the climate. Tropical climates usually range in minimum temperatures of 64 degrees all year. This means to grow tropical plants outdoors youll need to live in USDA grow Zone 10 or higher. Of course, you can also keep potted tropical plants outdoors and bring them in doors when its cold.

Can Tropical Plants Live Indoors?

Tropical plants are excellent for growing indoors as its easy to keep them warm. Since tropical and exotic plants are native to tropical forests and climates where they live under the shade of large trees, its easy to replicate these conditions indoors. It’s best to know the specific growing need for your specific live tropical plant.

How Often to Water Indoor Tropical Plants

Although the watering needs will depend on your specific tropical plant, a good general rule of thumb is to water tropical plants about once a week once. 

To avoid rot from overwatering , the wait until top couple of inches of soil dry out before watering again. However, keep in mind that tropical plants grow better with more water rather than not enough.

Choose a well draining soil for planting tropical plants and keep the soil slightly moist but never soggy or muddy.

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