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Guide to Flowering Summer Plants

We all want flowers for summer in our yards, and it would be great if they were low-maintenance. What if they came back year after year, so you didn't have to buy and plant them every spring? That's where flowering shrubs, flowering trees, and perennials come in.

Choosing the best flowering summer plants for your property can be challenging. Let's break this down a bit to help sort it out. We'll talk about shrubs, trees, and perennial plants. Combining multiple sizes, shapes, and foliage types provide visual interest and diversity in case of pest or disease problems. 

Summer Flowering Perennial Plants

Many perennials flower in summer and some will be put on display for weeks if not months at a time. Perennials are slower to establish than an annual flower like a sunflower, but they will come back yearly. They will grow larger and more impressive with each passing summer. 

Popular pollinator-friendly perennial plants like our May Night Salvia will provide years of beautiful purple color. Spreading perennial summer flowering plants like our selection of Daylillies can offer a cheerful ground cover with low maintenance. 

Summer Flowering Bushes and Trees

The most popular shrubs and ornamental trees are stellar summer flowering plants. Hydrangea trees offer loads of blooms from summer into fall. Roses, hydrangea bushes, magnolias, and crape myrtles all offer color and longevity, making planning a spectacular summer flower show in your yard easy. 

The Pinky Winky Hydrangea Shrub is a delightful summer bloomer, showcasing its stunning display of cream to pink cone-shaped blooms. As the temperatures warm up, this shrub bursts into full bloom, filling the garden with its vibrant colors.

Some flowering shrubs are evergreen and can provide year-round screening, privacy benefits, and a summer show. Southern magnolias like 'Little Gem' work well as dual-purpose privacy and flowering shrubs, as do Fire Light® Hydrangea Tree

How to Pick the Best Summer Flowering Plants for Your Yard 

Choosing the right summer flowering plants can be difficult. Answer these questions to help you narrow the field. Then check out our wide selection of summer flowering plants and get started turning your yard plans into reality.

Where to Plant Summer Flowering Plants?

Defining what role you want your summer flowering plants to play in your landscape will help you narrow down the choices. Determine if you are looking for perennial color in your flower beds, shrubs for landscaping, or privacy and screening. Ground cover needs are especially suited to perennial summer flowering plants. Evergreen flowering shrubs can add much-needed privacy with a burst of color.

Best Flowers for Color All Summer

A few summer flowering plants will rebloom, and others will provide one flash of brilliant flowers. Favorite colors or designs with a coordinated palette of hues can be a significant factor in your decision. A canary yellow daylily might be perfect in one spot or a bit jarring in another next to your pale pink hydrangeas.

Native or Non-Native? 

Many native shrubs and non-native species are available, and you can likely find the desired color and size of the plant in either category. Native-plant pollinator gardens are an excellent choice for adding beauty and wildlife habitat to your property. Non-native species may be the perfect addition to your themed garden:  a Japanese-inspired meditation space or an English cottage garden.

What Are Your Soil and Sunlight Conditions?  

Plants have varying soil, sun, and water needs. Successful gardeners and landscape designers know that matching the plant to the location is a must-do for healthy, thriving, blooming plants. 

Whether a perennial flower or a summer flowering bush, pay attention to the needs of the plant you select. Shade-loving plants can be scorched and wither in a full sun location. A plant that needs excellent drainage will suffer or even die if planted in a wet spot. 

Don't forget to consider cold-hardiness. If you are unsure about your location, you can check your USDA Plant Hardiness zone before shopping. 

Lastly, don't forget to add some spring flowering plants and some fall foliage stars to your property to provide an attractive display all through the growing season.

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