Plant Warranty

Perfect Plants offers a 30-day warranty on all plants we ship. In order to submit your warranty claim, you will need to provide a photo of the damaged plant(s) to us within 5 days of the plant’s delivery. We will make a note of your damaged plant(s). If your plant(s) declines within 30 days of your notification, we will take the appropriate action(s) to replace your plant or issue you store credit. We do not offer refunds for perishable goods such as trees, shrubs, perennials, etc. 

Please use our Contact Us Form to send your notice or claims.

Despite our utmost efforts to ensure your plants are delivered safely, once your plants have left our nursery they are dependent upon the delivery service to arrive with little to no damage, and then upon your own care for them to thrive. Perfect Plants is built on loyal relationships with our customers, and to promise you unrealistic or impossible plant coverage would sacrifice our integrity in those relationships. When it comes to ordering plants outside of your recommended growing zones, weather damage, drought, insects, diseases, or poor soil conditions we cannot ensure full coverage. Plants are living organisms and are susceptible to numerous different fates for reasons outside of our control.

Disclaimer: Shedding/color-changing/damaged leaves, plants in their deciduous seasons, and plants that do not exactly mirror the product image are not included in this warranty. All of our plants have their own unique characteristics and growth cycles which may cause them to look different than their photograph.

Perfect Plants Pro Tip: To check if a shrub or tree is alive, scratch the bark with your fingernail or a coin—if it’s green, you have a living, breathing plant! If it is brown or black, then the plant or branch has died.

Deciduous Trees

We prune our deciduous (meaning a tree or shrub that sheds its leaves annually) trees before shipping and they will typically arrive with little to no leaves, and at times, little to no branching. However, the tree should be properly branched out and full of leaves within two growing seasons. If your deciduous tree happens to be shipped while dormant in the winter or spring season and does not come out of its dormant state by June within the year it was purchased, Perfect Plants will extend to you store-credit of 100% on the purchase price of our plant(s) outside of the five-day notification period.  

Extended 1 Year Plant Warranty

During checkout, you are provided with the opportunity to warranty your plants against death and disease for 1 year at the cost of 10% of your total cart price.  This extended warranty entitles you to a 100% store credit for the purchase price of your plants should the unfortunate happen.  This warranty does not include replacement shipping costs.  To claim your warranty please submit photographs of your plant(s) along with your order number and contact information to  Your claim will be evaluated within 3 business days and promptly responded to.

*You have one week past your purchase date to add a 1-year extended warranty to your order. Please call us at (850) 997-3008.

External Retailers

If you have questions regarding the health of your plant, please submit an inquiry to We cannot provide refunds or replacements for partnered external retailers. Please contact the retailer from where you purchased your item regarding refunds and information concerning their warranty policy.