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Juniper shrubs are well known in the landscape industry. Some are native to North America, and there may be over 400 cultivars available. Whether you call it a short tree or a shrub depends on the shape, but the woody perennial evergreen is a long-lived and reliable source of color and texture for your home.

For centuries, juniper berries have been used as a flavoring in wild game, meats, and sausages. The berries are also used to make tea. These are multiple-use plants!

Backyard birders will enjoy junipers in their yards as well. The shrubby but open growth form is excellent perching, staging, and nesting habitat. The berries are a favorite food of songbirds and game birds, including eastern bluebirds, wild turkeys, and grouse. Check out all our wildlife shrubs!

What Are The Best Junipers to Buy Online?

Perfect Plants offers juniper shrubs for sale in many shades of green, teal, and blue. The berries are a darker, denim color and may be covered with a dusty white coating. They are not true berries, but female seed cones with a unique, soft form.

Junipers all belong to the genus Juniperus. Many cultivars used in landscaping are derived from J. virginiana, also known as eastern red cedar. J. communis is the species commonly used for flavoring gin. In fact, to be sold as gin, juniper must be the dominant botanical used to flavor the spirit. 

Smaller like junipers such as Blue Pacific Juniper & Blue Rug Juniper are commonly used as ground cover shrubs

How to Use Juniper Shrubs Bought Online for Landscaping

Junipers add gorgeous year-round color to your property. They can also be used to provide a privacy windbreak or visual screen. Their evergreen branches can be pruned to a formal shape or left open and airy.

Use a line of junipers to informally ‘fence off’ your property line or to anchor a perennial bed with all-season color. They are flammable, so take care if you live in a high wildfire danger area.

Juniper shrubs vary wildly when it comes to their sizes. Some grow straight up with little width while others grow wide and cover a large area. Blue Rug Juniper Shrubs and Blue Pacific Juniper Shrubs are examples of “groundcover” junipers that will not grow taller than 1 or 2 feet at full maturity. On the flip side, if you’re shopping for height, the Torulosa Juniper Shrub is the best pick, growing 12 to 15 feet tall at full size.

Eastern red cedars can be more than 20 feet tall, but most landscaping junipers will be 4-8 feet high. Junipers are typically cultivated to be either upright in form, or serve as a groundcover. The shorter junipers will spread wide and make fantastic, low-maintenance plants for slopes and hard-to-water areas.

Many junipers are extremely cold-hardy, like the Andorra Juniper, which can survive in USDA  zone 3. Most are tolerant in zones 4-8 or 4-9. There is likely a juniper that will grow wherever you live in the lower 48. 

Do Deer Eat Juniper Shrubs?

Junipers will mostly be avoided by deer, with many juniper shrubs being designated as deer resistant. The Blue Rug Juniper Shrub and the Old Gold Juniper Shrub are two examples of deer resistant shrubs that will deter deer from eating any other treats in your garden.

Browse our selection of juniper shrubs for sale and find one that suits your garden today.

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