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10 products

Help Your Plants Grow Strong and Beautiful with Our Selection of Liquid Fertilizers

You might think plants only need water, but that’s not the case. Just as humans need vitamins and minerals, plants also need their nutrients to grow robust root systems, glossy foliage, and vibrant flowers.

You can get an all-purpose fertilizer like our Liquid Fertilizer for Indoor Plants to make your fertilizer routine simple, or you can get specific fertilizers tailored to specific plants like our Liquid Orchid Fertilizer.

While some plants can get by without fertilizer, you’ll notice a huge difference in color and growth when you start feeding them. Pick up some liquid fertilizer for sale today to make your plants happy!

The Only Food Your Plants Will Need

Our liquid fertilizers are designed to give your plants everything they need. You won’t have to use more than one fertilizer to give your plants a well-balanced “meal” because it’s all in one bottle.

Our liquid fertilizers are formulated to improve your plants’ root production and appearance, so most fertilizers emphasize nitrogen (for foliage) and phosphorus (for roots). They’re also filled with a balance of other nutrients, including magnesium, iron, calcium, and others, to make sure your plants are never short on what they need.

Why Use Liquid Fertilizer?

Liquid plant fertilizer is a simple solution you can incorporate into your regular watering routine. Mix the fertilizer into some water, and water your plants according to their regular schedule. You don’t need to water them extra or keep track of when you last fertilized them because you can use them every time you water. If you have a hectic schedule or have trouble remembering when you last fed your plants, this is an easy way to simplify plant care.

Concentrate liquid fertilizer is also beneficial to your plants. Because the fertilizer mixes with water, the plants can easily absorb the nutrients. Fertilizer granules release nutrients slowly over time, so you can’t expect to see immediate results. But with liquid plant fertilizers, you’ll see your plant improve quickly. You won’t see instant results, but it’s undoubtedly a “quick fix” as far as fertilizers go!

How to Use Liquid Fertilizer

Be sure to follow the directions on the label of your fertilizer, as some products may have some variation in the application.

You’ll add one teaspoon of liquid fertilizer to one gallon of water for most fertilizers. Mix it well and water your plants as you usually do. You don’t need to give them extra water for a nutrient boost—they’ll get what they need with their regular amount of water and liquid fertilizer mixture.

Use the liquid fertilizer mixture every time you water plants unless you start to notice your plant showing signs of too many nutrients. The symptoms vary for each plant, but it could look like yellowing leaves, crunchy leaves, limp roots, lack of new growth, or dead seedlings. Follow the fertilizer ratio on the liquid fertilizer package and avoid overwatering your plants to prevent giving your plants too much fertilizer.

Does Liquid Fertilizer Go Bad?

If you don’t use all the prepared fertilizer mixture at once, you can save it until next time. It will keep for up to six months when stored with a lid or cover. If you have different types of liquid fertilizers, label the leftovers so you won’t mix them up and give them to the wrong plants.

How Much Liquid Fertilizer Per Plant?

The amount of liquid fertilizer that you should add to the area around a plant will scale up depending on the size of the plant. After combining one teaspoon of fertilizer per gallon of water, you’ll want to add approximately one ounce of the mixture to each square foot of your garden or potted plant.

Is Liquid Fertilizer Better Than Granular?

Liquid fertilizer will start to yield results faster than traditional ground fertilizer, but both will get the job done. In liquid form, fertilizer will soak in and provide nutrients right away, where granular fertilizer and slow release fertilizer will provide continued care for an extended period of time.

Should I Water After Applying Liquid Fertilizer?

No. Wait until the liquid plant fertilizer dries before watering them again. Watering your plants too quickly may wash away some of the vitamin rich mixture, so it is important to wait 2 to 4 hours before watering. This will give your liquid plant fertilizer plenty of time to soak in.

Feed your plants what they need when you buy liquid fertilizer for sale at Perfect Plants!

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