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54 products

Our Collection of Fast-Growing Shrubs is Perfect for Eager Gardeners

The growing season only lasts so long, leaving many gardeners the stress of making the most of the season. If you’re cutting it close to your planting deadline or are a bit impatient, you’ll want to shop our extensive collection of fast-growing shrubs! From glossy green foliage to brightly colored flowers, there’s sure to be something you’ll fall in love with that will quickly make itself at home in your yard.

Fast-growing shrubs will work well in most parts of your garden. Choose short varieties to line your walkways and seating areas or tall varieties to create privacy hedges or accent plants in containers. Meanwhile, taller varieties work great as fast-growing privacy shrubs around a patio or porch. Any size will look beautiful in flower beds or as a focal point.

The Japanese Boxwood Shrub will suit you if you want a simple evergreen option. The Lynwood Gold Forsythia Shrub is a bright, showy choice that will bring attention to your yard.

Fast-Growing Shrubs Care Overview

Our collection of fast-growing shrubs has several varieties to choose from with different growing requirements. Whether you live in a cool or warm climate, there is sure to be something that will suit your area. Most fast-growing shrubs are low maintenance and require very little special care, so once they’re established in your garden, you can sit back and enjoy them.

Why Should I Plant A Fast-Growing Shrub?

There are plenty of reasons to want fast growing shrubs in your garden or perimeter. One of the main reasons to plant a fast growing shrub is the ability to create a privacy hedge quickly. Fast growing privacy shrubs will obstruct the view of wandering eyes in just a couple of years. Plus, regardless of their growing speed, shrubs make for great decor around just about any home.

How to Plant Fast-Growing Shrubs

The best time to plant fast-growing shrubs is in early spring after the danger of frost has passed.

Dig a hole as deep as the root ball of your shrub so the top of the ball will line up with the top of the soil. Make the hole slightly wider than the root ball, so the roots have room to grow.

Once your shrub is in the hole, backfill it with healthy soil. Give your shrub a generous amount of water to encourage deep root growth. If watering causes the soil to settle, add some more soil to even it out, but don’t pack it in tightly, or you may risk suffocating the roots.

Mature Heights and Zoning

We have many fast-growing shrubs to choose from, and no two plants have the same growth rates.

If you want something short that’s suitable in almost any climate, the Blue Rug Juniper Shrub won’t disappoint! The spreading plant reaches no more than 1 foot tall and can grow in zones 3-9.

Sweet Viburnum, however, loves hot weather and is suitable for zones 8-10. It can reach 30 feet in width and height and is sure to steal the show!

What Evergreen Shrub Grows The Fastest?

If you’d prefer a lower maintenance shrub that stays healthy for years, then a fast-growing evergreen shrub might be the best choice. Evergreen trees and evergreen shrubs will endure winters without losing their leaves to the weather. Japanese Boxwoods are one example of fast-growing privacy shrubs that are evergreen. Torulosa Juniper Shrubs are another variety that grow especially tall.

How to Water Fast-Growing Shrubs

Each plant will have its specified watering requirements. Before you buy a plant, make sure you’ll be able to give it the water it needs. Water-loving plants won’t work well in climates prone to drought, and plants that like dry soil may not be happy with constant rain.

Most fast-growing bushes will need extra water for the first year in your garden. This will help the plant stay healthy and develop deep roots while it acclimates to your yard. Unless a shrub requires plenty of water each week, most of the fast-growing bushes for sale won’t have to be watered as often once they have been in your yard for one year.

Anticipate needing to water your fast-growing shrubs by hand during periods of drought or extreme heat. Most shrubs won’t need much water in the winter months when they go dormant.

How to Fertilize Fast-Growing Shrubs

Most fast-growing shrubs won’t require fertilizing, but doing so will help them grow more roots and flowers and develop darker and glossier foliage. Apply an all-purpose slow-release fertilizer in early spring to give your plant the nutrients it needs all year long.

How to Prune Fast-Growing Shrubs

Fast-growing shrubs can be pruned to your liking, especially if you’d like to shape them for season. Keep in mind that if you want the plant to grow in a new direction, prune branches or buds at a 45 degree angle. If cuts aren’t made at an angle, they are more likely to rot.

When to Prune Fast-Growing Shrubs

Many shrubs benefit from being pruned in late winter or early spring before new buds develop. Flowering shrubs can be pruned immediately after flowering to promote more flowers throughout the season. Whenever you prune, avoid removing new growth, or you won’t see any new flowers until next year.

If your garden or perimeter is in need of some rampant growth, get fast-growing shrubs for sale at Perfect Plants today.

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