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Need to improve your soil's drainage or density? Every gardener knows healthy plants and trees starts with healthy, living soil. You can improve your soil by adding soil amendments such as the ones below.

Amending your soil is important if it does not contain the proper nutrients, pH level, or organic matter to provide for the plants. Performing a soil test is the first step in figuring out how to amend the soil. Find out what your native soil is composed of.

Do you have soil that is made up of clay or sand? These additives will improve your soil's texture and structure. Organic soil amendments will increase beneficial organisms in your soil and improve the overall health of the plant.

Horticultural charcoal will help pull toxins out of the soil, provide a layer of drainage for terrariums or container plants, and naturally detoxes the surrounding soil.

Perlite and vermiculite are two similar natural substances that help improve drainage and retain moisture in soils. There are many uses for both of these garden soil amendments but enhancing aeration and soil structure is on the top of the list. They expand the surface area and allow room for roots to grow.

Peat moss is a lightweight soil additive that has a high absorbency and helps retain moisture and nutrients. Great for starting seeds or amending garden soil.

These are the best soil amendments for improving your natural soil or potted plants. Shop soil amendments for sale.

What Are Soil Amendments

Garden soil amendments are any material that is added to the soil to improve the soil’s quality. 

How to Amend Soil for Garden

In order to amend your garden soil, you will need to know what your soil needs. If you need a more acidic soil you should add peat moss. If you need more nutrient soil it’s best to add compost or manure. If retaining water is the issue, adding mulch or bark would be best.

What Is the Best Soil Amendment?

The best soil amendment for an all around rich, nutrient soil is compost. Not only will adding compost to your soil make your soil rich, but it’ll make you rich too because it’s free! All you need to do is take your food scraps and put them in a compost pile, then add this to your soil for the perfect gardening soil. 

What Is Perlite?

Perlite is a volcanic glass that contains water that has been trapped inside by the rapid cooling of the lava. 

What Is Perlite Used For

Perlite is used for plants. To use perlite you simply mix it with your soil and it will help your soil become well-draining, to avoid root rot.

What Is Vermiculite

Horticultural vermiculite is a mineral that is commonly used to amend the soil. 

What Is Vermiculite Used For

To use vermiculite for gardening, you will simply add the vermiculite to your soil. Adding the vermiculite will help increase water and nutrient retention in your soil, while also making the soil well-draining. 

Perlite vs Vermiculite

Perlite and vermiculite are both minerals that help aerate the soil, but vermiculite has the added benefit or water and nutrient retention. 

What Is Peat Moss Used For

Peat moss is used for adding aeration to the soil, help hold nutrients, retain moisture and it’s also used heavily in soilless potting mixes.

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