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Green trees, both small and large, should be incorporated into the landscape. Green trees provide a wide range of benefits for your yard, neighborhood, wildlife, and the entire planet.

Hard to imagine that just one tree could do so much good but it can. By choosing the right green tree(s) for your landscape, you can reduce your heating and cooling expense, increase your property value, reduce erosion, have cleaner air to breathe, provide food for your family and/or wildlife, and provide a habitat for wildlife.

If that isn’t enough incentive for planting a tree or two, there’s one more good reason to plant a green tree - it will create a long-lasting memory. Plant a tree with your children so they can watch it grow and their children will be able to enjoy the shade/food/beauty it provides.

The shade tree, fruit tree, or flowering tree that you enjoy today was planted by someone many years ago. Return that favor for years to come by planting some of these lovely green trees today.

Thuja Green Giant Tree

This fast-growing evergreen tree is ideal for planting as a living privacy fence. Thuja Green Giant grows into a natural pyramid shape and will reach a mature height of 20-40 feet and a mature width of 12-20 feet within a few years.

Even if you don’t want to plant several of these evergreen trees to create a privacy fence, plant one as an eye-catching specimen tree in your landscape.

This green tree is not picky about the soil it’s planted in and it’s hardy in all USDA growing zones. It’s also deer resistant. Plant in the fall and apply fertilizer once in the spring after the tree has become established. Water only during times of drought.

Italian Cypress Tree

If you’re looking for an evergreen tree that will grow tall and narrow to create a privacy fence or wind block, the Italian Cypress may be perfect for your landscape. This tree will be 3-4 feet wide and 30-40 tall when mature.

It’s an easy-care green tree that will enhance the appearance of your property while blocking wind and/or neighborhood views. It’s a fast-growing tree that is hardy in USDA growing zones 7-10 and it’s not picky about soil type.

Plant in the fall and apply fertilizer once in the spring after the tree has become established. Water only during times of drought.

Bracken’s Beauty Magnolia Tree

This is a gorgeous flowering evergreen tree that has large, shiny green leaves and produces large white fragrant blooms.

It makes an ideal specimen tree in the landscape and will increase property value because of its beauty and longevity. Bracken’s Beauty Magnolia tree will reach a mature size of 15-25 feet wide and 30-40 feet tall. Plant this green tree in the spring in a full sun location.

Fertilize yearly in the spring and water during times of drought. Pruning is not needed.

Nuttal Oak Tree

For shade and spectacular fall foliage color, the Nuttal Oak is a good choice. This is a strong, long-living, low-maintenance shade tree that will add many benefits to your landscape for generations to come.

The Nuttal Oak also produces acorns that feed wildlife and can be used for human consumption. The lobed green leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall to create excellent fall color.

Fertilize yearly and water during times of drought. Plant in spring or fall, it’s hardy in most growing zones and is not picky about soil conditions. Pruning is not needed.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees produce fragrant blooms in the spring that attract pollinators. The fruits appear in mid-to-late summer. Fruit trees are smaller than shade trees but they will still produce shade, beauty, and food in your landscape.

Select fruit trees that are hardy in your growing zones. Apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, citrus, and a host of other fruit trees that you can choose from will make a great addition to your landscape.

Yearly feeding and pruning will be needed to keep the fruit trees productive.

Green Trees

Any green tree that you plant in your landscape will be an asset, especially if you take good care of it so it stays healthy. Match the tree choice to your climate, size of your landscape, and growing zone for the best result.

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