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All flowers have something to say and the rose bush is the most popular way to convey certain emotions. Floriography is the language of flowers and each color of rose has something unique to say to the recipient. The meaning and symbolism of each color rose bloom differs too.

Landscaping with roses is a great way to express yourself without ever saying a word. Neighbors and passers-by can admire the beauty of the roses in your landscape and get a glimpse into the personality of the family living inside the home.

Learning the meaning of different colored roses will also make a good conversation starter when you have guests coming to your home. You will want to plant and grow plenty of roses in your landscape so you will have enough blooms to cut and share with guests.

Yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy, and new beginnings. A bouquet of yellow roses is ideal for giving to a friend for a birthday or other joyous occasion or at the beginning of a new relationship.

What Do Yellow Roses Mean?

Landscaping with yellow roses conveys the message of a fun family home. Happy, friendly people often live in the home that has yellow roses growing in the flower bed. The yellow rose meaning can also symbolize happiness, friendship, and love.

Landscaping with Yellow Roses

Use shorter growing annuals around tall-growing yellow rose bushes to act as living mulch. Flowers with red, pink, or purple blooms pair well with yellow roses. Lavender, cornflower, abelia, blue star, daylilies, or azaleas will hide the bare legs of the rose bushes, keep the soil cool, and help prevent weeds. The color combinations in the landscape will be eye-catching.

Yellow Knock Out Roses are good for planting when you only have enough landscape space for one bush. The Sunny Knock Out roses are not too common and they will make an eye-catching statement when used in a grouping or as a living fence row. The Knock Out variety will reach about 6-feet tall when mature and be covered with yellow blooms that dead-head themselves naturally when the blooms have faded.

Yellow Drift Roses like the Popcorn Drift or Lemon Drift are smaller plants but will have a big impact when used in a grouping. Yellow Drift Roses will reach a mature height of 18-inches and make a good border plant or to plant in front of taller rose bushes to hide their leggy stems.

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