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Peaches, peaches, peaches! Who doesn't love them? Second to apples, peach trees are the most widely grown fruit in the U.S.

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We offer a selection of mature peach trees for sale, including varieties that can grow across the United States in different USDA growing zones. Check your zones before buying a peach fruit tree.

The fragrant blossoms will attract birds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden.

Plant your own peach trees to enjoy delicious peaches right out of your own backyard! Perfect for eating fresh right off the tree, canning or pickling, or making a delectable peach pie or cobbler. Shop our selection of grafted Peach Trees for sale today to enjoy fresh peaches from your own garden and get fast and secure shipping, guaranteed!

What Are the Best Peach Trees to Buy Online?

Our large selection of peach trees has something for every home garden. Grafted peach trees are the best choice for home gardeners because it provides superior quality and they are easier to grow. The following varieties are our best selling & for good reason.

  • Flordacrest Peach Tree has incredibly low chill hours & works flawlessly for southern states
  • Early Elberta Peach Tree is one of the earliest ripening varieties. Peaches can be picked as early as August.
  • June Gold Peach Tree has some of the sweetest fruit & begins to ripen in early to mid summer.
  • Bonfire Peach Tree is grown for its beautiful crimson foliage and ornamental peaches. This dwarf patio peach tree for sale is an excellent choice for gardeners without a yard to plant in as it can be patio grown.

peach tree with blooms and close up of a flower

Caring for Peach Trees                   

To grow mature peach trees you will want to make sure that they are receiving the proper sunlight, water, and nutrients they need to produce fruit. At least 6-8 hours of full sun are required for fruit production. Check out the Peach Tree Grow Guide for more information on growing peaches in your backyard!

Peach trees have a growth rate of around one to two feet per year, meaning they are fast growing fruits. Fertilizing regularly will help promote growth and a healthy branch structure.

Are Peach Trees Self-Pollinating?

Our large peach trees are self-fertile, which means they do not need another peach tree to pollinate, but for best fruit production it’s advised to have another peach tree variety nearby. This will increase fruit production and size. 

Can You Buy Grafted Peach Trees for Sale Online?

Yes, you can buy grafted peach trees online from Perfect Plants and we’ll ship them directly to you. 

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