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 Rose bushes are a timeless plant chosen by gardeners around the world for their grace, beauty, and sweet smelling fragrance. They have been grown for centuries all over the world!

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Interested in learning more about how to plant roses? Check out our blog on How to Plant a Rose Bush for a detailed how to guide on planting new rose bushes.

Rose plant care is necessary to keep your plant alive and thriving over the years. Don't worry though, it is an easy to grow flower (for the most part) that will reward you with gorgeous blooms year after year. Reblooming roses are especially unique as they flower in stages, providing color and interest over the course of several months.

Roses don't require much pruning except to maintain the desired shape. This blog on Basic Pruning for Shrubs will give you good advice for pruning a rose bush. Early spring is the best time to prune roses so they have the whole growing season to re-establish. Deadheading spent flower blossoms will encourage new blooms to appear. Check out our blog on Winter Care for Roses.

Water thoroughly the first year of planting to establish a strong root system. Roses like well draining soil (such as our Rose Soil Mix) and full sun. Some can tolerate partial shade but you will see more flowers with at least 6 hours a day of sunlight.

Check out the Rose Grow Guide for more information on choosing and growing rose bushes!

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Rose Plant Care

How to Plant Roses

Planting rose bushes is easy! Simply dig a hole at least twice the size of the root ball. Take the rose bush out of its nursery pot and loosen up some of the roots, especially if it is entangled around the bottom of the pot. Place the potted rose bush into the planting hole and backfill with native soil, or you can add amended soil such as our Rose Planting Mix. Water the shrub thoroughly the first few weeks to establish a strong root system and cover with mulch or organic matter to help retain moisture. 

Where to Plant Rose Bushes

The best place to plant roses is in an area with at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight with well draining soil that is organically rich in nutrients. The rose shrubs won't mind if they are in a planting site with partial shade and protection from the hot afternoon sun. Our Drift and Knock Out Roses grow best across the United States in USDA grow zones 5-10. Additionally, if you are in a zone that is hotter or colder than the ones prescribed, you can keep your rush bush in a container and move indoors on winter nights when temperatures are below 20 F.  

When Is the Best Time to Plant Roses

The best month to plant roses would be in late winter or early spring. This month may vary depending on where you are located, but a general rule of thumb would be in March or April. 

Can You Plant Roses in the Fall?

Roses can be planted in early fall as long as they have enough time to establish their root systems into the ground before winter. 

Can You Plant Roses in a Pot

Yes, you can plant roses in containers or pots. Planting roses in pots is a great option if you do not have a large yard or landscape to grow the small shrubs in or if you are not zoned correctly. Roses planted in containers will need to be watered more frequently, should have a container with a drainage hole, and will need consistent care to perform their best. 

How to Plant Roses in Pots

Planting roses in containers is very similar to planting them in the ground as we explained above. Be sure to choose a pot that is 2-3 times the size of the nursery container that the roses arrived in. Choose a well draining potting mix such as our Organic Potting Mix that has plenty of perlite to help with drainage. Rose plant care in pots will differ because you will need to keep an eye on the moisture levels in the container. Water thoroughly when the soil feels dry to touch, and hold off on watering when the soil is moist. 

How Far Apart to Plant Roses

Rose bush spacing will differ depending on what variety you have purchased, how many, and the look you are going for. As a general rule of thumb, space rose bushes approximately 2-3 feet away from each other so they can grow into their planting spots and act as groundcover roses. They will spread slightly in the area that they are planted in and like plenty of room in between to allow for proper air circulation. 

How to Prune Rose Bushes

Pruning rose bushes is extremely important to keep them healthy and growing with vigor. Roses should be pruned annually in early spring to encourage new growth and promote flowering. Prune or remove any dead or diseased branches and shape the rose bush to your desired size. At almost any time of the year, you can prune off spent or dead flower blossom to encourage reblooming (this is called deadheading). The Drifts and Knock Outs respond very well to pruning and will bounce back with new growth in no time!

What to Plant With Roses

Roses look great with almost anything! Some companion plants for roses include small evergreen shrubs such as hollies or gardenias, but they can also look nice with flowering plants like daylilies or iris

Are Roses Acid Loving Plants?

Roses do well in slightly acidic soil with a pH of 5.5-6.5 but they can adapt to higher acidity in the soil if needed. Roses grown in highly acidic soil may have spotted or yellow leaves. More neutrally balanced soil will best when growing roses. Our Rose Planting Soil will be perfect!

Rose Plant Diseases

Both Drift roses and Knock Out roses are known for being exceptionally pest and disease resistant. However, some issues may arise and only do so when the rose bush is not receiving something it likes when growing such as fertilizer, mulch, or enough water to keep it healthy. Some rose bushes may contract fungal or pest related issues if it is exposed to it, but luckily they are easy to fix.

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