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Buy spirea online today to add some jazz to your garden! Spirea bushes are used in landscaping projects around the country to spruce up boring looking yards with their beautiful white flowers and contrasting green foliage.

Spirea hedges are a true garden gem that has been used for many years. The shrub is deciduous with bursting flowers that appear in early spring. The mesmerizing flowers can take on shades of white, pink, or cream. A great plant to give your garden a pop of color!

Spirea plants need full sun to perform best but some can tolerate partially shaded areas. They prefer moist, well draining soils but once established they are quite drought tolerant.

These shrubs are best used as a foundation planting, hedges, or as specimen plants where their never-ending flower clusters can be seen and enjoyed. Pruning spirea is simpler and is only required to maintain the desired shape and size. Light pruning in late winter will encourage new growth. As well as, deadheading spent flower blossoms after they bloom in late spring to keep the bush looking tidy.

Our 3 types of spirea varieties are all slightly different and each has unique features to give your landscape some life! Bridal Wreath Spirea is one of our most popular hedges and has cascading white flowers in a weeping willow like form. These spirea plants are hardy down to zone 4 and can suit a variety of climates.

Spireas are an impressive addition to any garden. They require a little space between plantings to ensure it has enough room to grow.

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Spirea Care

How to Prune Spirea

When pruning spirea you want to start by trimming off any broken, diseased or dead branches. Then you will want to shape the spirea bush to your liking. 

When to Prune Spirea Shrubs

The best time to prune spirea shrubs is in early spring when the plants are coming out of dormancy and getting ready for the growing season. 

When Does Spirea Bloom

Depending on the variety of Spirea you choose spirea can bloom from spring to early fall.

How to Deadhead Spirea

In order to deadhead your spirea, you will want to wait until the blooms are spent. Once they are, you will want to pinch the flower and take a clean, sharp pair of scissors, and cut just under the bloom.

Why Is My Spirea Not Flowering

Spirea blooms start to form the year before they bloom so in most instances these buds become damaged by external factors. Other conditions that can affect blooming include; lack of sunlight, poor soil conditions, and a lack of spirea fertilizer.

Do Deer Eat Spirea

Deer are not attracted to spirea making spirea deer resistant.

Can You Divide Spirea?

Spirea can be divided, but it’s not an easy task. It is best to wait for a new sprout and dig it up to replant.

What to Plant With Spirea

Spirea is a great plant to use alongside boxwood shrubs, other flowering shrubs, and ground covers.

Diseases of Spirea Bushes

Spirea has a few problems that are possible given certain conditions. These include powdery mildew, root rot, leaf spot, and more. If you believe your plant has any of these problems please contact your local agricultural agency for further assistance.

What is the Spirea Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of spirea is about 20 years.

Does Spirea Spread?

Some varieties of Spirea can spread if not maintained.

How to Winterize Spirea Bushes

Winterizing spirea bushes takes two easy steps, one provides a 2 inch layer of mulch at the base of your plant to keep your roots warm and provide nutrients. Secondly, cover your spirea in winter for extra precaution or if there’s an unusually cool night.

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