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28 products

Our Red Trees Will Add a Bold Pop of Color to Your Garden

Our collection of red trees is sure to wow you! From fiery blooms to stunning fall foliage, these trees will brighten up your landscape and will never cease to amaze you with their beautiful displays of color.

The Autumn Blaze Maple Tree will have green foliage in spring and summer but will develop bright red leaves in the fall. You’ll want to make this tree with red leaves a focal point in your yard so it can be appreciated when it changes color. For color in the spring and summer, the Black Diamond Best Red Crape Myrtle Tree won’t disappoint with its bright display of red flowers against its black foliage. This one is sure to stand out in your garden!

Red Trees Care Overview

Red trees are a must-have for anyone who wants others to notice their landscape. The trees in our collection are easy to care for, and you can depend on them to come back year after year, often more beautiful than last year.

How to Plant Red Trees

Red trees should be planted in holes as deep as the root ball. The hole should be twice the width of the root ball, so the roots can have room to spread out. Fill up the empty space with soil and water it deeply.

Mature Heights and Zoning

We have red trees for growing zones 3-11. Many plants will thrive in temperate areas, but if you live in the coldest or hottest climates, you’ll need to look for trees that can withstand the extreme temperatures in your climate.

We have trees ranging from 4-40 feet, so there’s sure to be something that will fit into your landscape perfectly.

How to Water Red Trees

Newly planted red trees should be watered deeply to encourage robust root growth. Water often during the first year as they acclimate to your yard to keep them from drying out. Once the trees have established themselves in your yard, which usually takes about one year, you won’t have to water them as often.

Trees will need extra water during droughts or periods of extreme heat. Trees in full sun will also need more water than those that receive shade.

How to Fertilize Red Trees

Red trees will look their brightest when they receive enough nutrients. Although it’s not required, we recommend giving your plants slow-release fertilizer every spring to make the red hues bolder and the plant stronger.

You can apply fertilizer when planting by sprinkling it around the root ball before backfilling the hole with soil. You can apply it to the ground around the tree’s base for established plants and cover it with mulch to prevent runoff.

How to Prune Red Trees

The pruning requirements will vary for each tree, but some won’t need to be pruned at all. Some blooming trees will grow even more blooms if you remove spent flowers throughout the season.

Most trees can be pruned all the way back to encourage lush growth and more blooms each year. This pruning method is an excellent way to keep a tree a certain size if you don’t want it to get bigger each year.

You can remove dead or diseased branches as needed to keep the trees looking tidy. Unless your tree requires otherwise, prune it in early spring before new buds appear.
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