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All flowers have something to say and the rose shrub is the most popular way to convey certain emotions. Floriography is the language of flowers and each color rose has something unique to say to the recipient. The meaning and symbolism of each color of rose bloom differ too. Red Rose Bushes are no different. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Landscaping with roses is a great way to express yourself without ever saying a word. Neighbors and passers-by can admire the beauty of the roses in your landscape and get a glimpse into the personality of the family living inside the home.

Learning the meaning of different colored roses will also make a good conversation starter when you have guests coming to your home. You will want to plant and grow plenty of roses in your landscape so you will have enough blooms to cut and share with guests.

What Do Red Roses Mean & Symbolize?

The red rose meaning is not hard to figure out! Red rose flowers are always associated with love. This is the most popular flower and bloom color on Valentine’s Day because the red rose says “I Love You”.

The flower symbolizes love, romance, beauty, and courage. An unopened red rosebud symbolizes beauty and purity. A thornless red rose means love at first sight.

Landscaping with Red Rose Bushes That You Bought Online

Landscaping with red roses is easy to do by selecting floral companions that will reach 18-inches tall when mature. Rose bushes often develop ‘bare legs’ and flowers that are 18-inches and under that are bushy will help hide the stems on the rose bushes that are bare. Some good red rose companions are hydrangeas and gardenias.

Red Knock Out roses are extremely popular due to their prolific blooms, and hardy, easy-care nature. However, they do reach about 6-feet tall when mature and sometimes a shorter rose bush variety is desirable. That is where the new Red Drift rose shines. It’s hardy and easy-care like the Knock Out, but it’s only 18-inches tall when mature.

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