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When you're tight on available planting space and looking to buy fruit trees online, there is no better choice than Dwarf Fruit Trees for small yards or gardens. 

Smaller dwarf varieties of common fruit trees have become popular choices for gardeners who are looking for fruit trees for patios and decks

At Perfect Plants, we sell both Fruit Bearing and Ornamental Dwarf Fruit Trees, and we sell dwarf fruits for many different growing regions. 

What Are The Best Types Of Dwarf Fruit Trees To Buy For Small Yards?

Many types of dwarf fruit tree varieties are not self-fertile, which means they require one (or more) trees or shrubs to be planted near them in order to pollinate. Because space is limited in small yards and gardens, we recommend buying self-pollinating fruit trees which will grow and bloom all on their own. 

Our top-selling dwarf fruit tree types are:

1) Apple Trees

Dwarf apple trees are extremely hardy, are self-fertile, and everyone loves a crisp apple fresh from the tree! Apple trees thrive in a wide range of growing zones and are best planted in areas with a good bit of sun and well-draining soil. 

Our favorite types of dwarf apple trees are:

2) Berries

Berries bushes and trees might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but dwarf berry bushes are excellent fruits to grow in small spaces. Moreover, they are cold hardy, and easy to grow. Dwarf berry trees also produce delicious berries that can be used in pies, muffins, pancakes, and cobblers!

Our best selling dwarf berry trees are:

3) Peaches

Dwarf peach trees are fantastic additions to any yard or garden and will grow across many of the USDA growing zones. We sell both ornamental and fruit bearing peaches, and both have gorgeous flower displays that are truly astonishing! 

Grafted dwarf peach trees are the most popular because they are easy to grow. All Perfect Plants small peach trees come rooted in nursery soil and ready to plant. 

Our best selling dwarf peaches are:

4) Persimmon Trees

Dwarf persimmon trees have tons of character, gorgeous flowering blooms, and fruit that is both sweet and good for you too! Dwarf persimmons produce fruit that is smaller than their full size companions, but they still are delicious and perfect in jams, jellies, or eaten right off of the tree. 

"Japanese" persimmon trees are typically smaller than their "American" cousins, and grafted dwarf persimmon trees are the most sought after by growers. 

Our favorite dwarf persimmon varieties are: 

Dwarf Fruit Tree FAQs

You've just ordered some new dwarf fruit trees for your yard...now what? With a little bit of love and care your mini fruit trees will be thriving in no time! Questions we get asked frequently are:

Can you grow dwarf fruit trees in containers or pots? 

Yes, planting your dwarf plants in containers is a great way to maximize the space you have available and also restrict the size your fruit trees can grow. 

Shop Now: Buy Fruit Trees For Containers

Can you plant dwarf fruit trees indoors?

It is possible to grow a dwarf fruit tree indoors, but not an easy thing to do. Most fruit trees, including dwarf varieties, require a lot of sunlight as well as consistent moisture in the soil and air, both of which are hard to reproduce indoors. If planting dwarf fruits indoors be sure they are in a location with lots of sunlight and you'll want either set up a humidifier or mist them with a spray bottle in a regular basis. 

Do you sell grafted dwarf fruit trees?

Yes! Many varieties of our dwarf fruit trees have been grafted, which helps them to take root quickly and grow fast! 

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