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Our variety of Oak trees for sale include tall trees, privacy trees, shade trees, and many more! Buy Oak trees to line properties or for lush, shady home landscapes. Many types of oak trees can grow to be anywhere from 40 to 80 feet tall. Oak trees can also be fast growing, so they are a great choice for landscaping!

What Are The Best Oak Tree Types?

Perfect Plants is an oak tree nursery with carefully hand selected trees grown in North Florida. These high quality oak trees are the perfect addition to any landscape. We are proud to offer 3 varieties of oak trees for sale; Nuttall Oak trees, Sawtooth Oak trees, and Willow Oak trees.

We also offer the Wildlife Plant Variety Pack which also includes an American Chestnut Tree for the wildlife enthusiasts and avid hunters out there.


Oak Tree Care

Most types of oak trees can live for hundreds of years, so a carefully planned planting site is necessary when choosing the location of your new trees! They will grow very tall at full maturity with a widespread canopy, and the root systems of these oak trees can be even wider than their canopies.

Able to thrive in most areas of the United States, oak trees produce acorns and are an important source of food for wildlife including squirrels, birds, and deer. Oak trees can be both evergreen and deciduous depending on the species. 

Our low maintenance oak trees for sale prefer well drained soil and full sun to thrive and provide your landscape with the shade you need. 

Buy oak trees for sale online from our nursery and have them shipped safely to your home, ready to thrive when planted, guaranteed! If you have questions about our oak trees for sale, contact our nursery experts!

How to Plant an Oak Tree

When planting oak trees make sure they're a safe distance of 8-10 feet from any structures. Dig a hole that's twice the size of the root ball. Add new well-draining soil to the bottom of the hole. Loosen the roots of the tree and place it in the hole. Backfill with the soil making sure the root ball is level with the ground. When planting an oak tree, try to aim for mid-fall or early spring. 

How to Grow an Oak Tree

Oak trees prefer full sun all day. When growing an oak tree make sure that your tree is in a sunny area that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Once planted, water your tree daily for the first month. In the following months, watering can be limited to a few times a week. Fertilize your tree in early spring for maximum growth throughout the year. 

When and How to Prune Oak Trees

The best time to prune oak trees is in late winter or early spring while the oak tree is still dormant. This will prevent sap from oozing out and block out any pests and diseases from entering the open wound. Oak trees are deciduous and will drop their leaves in fall or winter.

You will have the best visibility of the branches to create an attractive look. Even though a full pruning should be done in the winter, you should still remove any dead or diseased branches throughout the year, as they appear.

Pruning oak trees is relatively easy! Always prune back dead or diseased branches to encourage healthy, new growth. Depending on the look you are going for, it is best to create an open vase center to allow for air circulation. You can make the branch structure into whatever desired shape you would like. Read more information on our DIY Tree Trimming blog.

Best Fertilizer for Oak Trees

The best oak tree fertilizer is an all purpose one that will gradually release nutrients to the tree over time. We recommend our Slow Release Fertilizer that is high quality and pelletized. 

When Do Oak Trees Produce Acorns and Do Oak Trees Produce Acorns Every Year

The oak tree life cycle begins at planting! It will take 5 to 15 years of growth for the oak tree to begin producing acorns. The tree can begin producing bushels of acorns around age 5 depending on the variety of oak tree. Nuttall Oaks are the most well known for early acorn production. After planting an oak tree, peak acorn production is from 20 years old and up.

Some trees do produce acorns every year but typically, the trees will experience alternate bearing just like any other fruit or nut tree. Meaning you will have more acorns for some years and less during other years.

Oak tree acorns from white oaks will produce acorns every year while acorns from red oak trees will produce every other year because they take 2 years to mature. Make sure to research different types of oak trees to get an estimate for the amount of acorns you’ll have.

How Fast Do Oak Trees Grow?

We have fast growing oak trees! After planting one of our oak trees, most grow 2 to 3  feet per year once established. An annual application of fertilizer will help boost oak tree growth.  

How Tall Are Oak Trees

The average oak tree height is 40 to 80 feet tall and 30 to 50 feet wide. The oak tree size will depend on the oak tree variety you choose. Our Nuttall Oak gets massive at 60 to 80 feet tall and 35 to 50 feet wide. It is our tallest variety of oak trees for sale!

What to Plant Under Oak Trees

When landscaping under oak trees you want to pick plants that are shade tolerant. Planting under oak trees isn’t always easy, but when you know what plants are best, it’ll take the stress out of guessing. Here is a list of a few plants we think would work great under your oak tree: hosta, hydrangeas, and liriope

How Long Do Oak Trees That You Buy Online Typically Live

Oak trees can live for an extremely long time. The Oak tree lifespan ranges from 100 to 300 years, making them living giants! That means after planting an oak tree, your great grandchildren may be able to play under it!

When Do Oak Trees Bloom

Oak trees bloom in the spring to release their flowers and pollen right as spring temperatures warm up. Depending on your climate, you can expect your oak tree to bloom between March and May.

Do Oak Trees Lose Their Leaves?

There are both evergreen and deciduous oak trees. The deciduous oak trees lose their leaves in fall and prepare for dormancy over winter. Some species like Live Oaks do not lose their leaves over winter but may experience leaf drop so the trees can put out new growth in spring.

Oak trees go into a dormant state during the winter where active growth is not happening. Once spring hits, the trees will flush out with new sets of leaves to become beautiful oak trees! All three types of oak trees for sale at Perfect Plants are deciduous oak trees, so they will shed their leaves each year.


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