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Plant and Garden Soils

Garden soil is the backbone of all gardening and having healthy plants. For plants to thrive and survive, they need nutrients, water, and pH passed through the soil to their roots.

At Perfect Plants, our specially formulated garden soils will help amend your native soil or containerized plants. We hand mix all potting soils on site at the nursery for the best experience possible for our customers.

These soils can be used as garden soils, in raised beds or containers, or added when planting a new tree or shrub to amend the soil at the planting site.

We have different types of soil for a variety of plants including bonsai trees, orchid plants, blueberry plants, fruit trees, rose bushes, and succulents. It is always best to perform a soil test to determine nutrients levels or nutrient deficiencies that are possible, as well as soil pH. Our Acidic Potting Soil is perfect for amending soils that need a decrease in pH.

We always recommend checking out your local Agricultural extension agency for extra help too!

What Is Garden Soil

Garden soil is a mix of topsoil and organic matter that enriches your plant with nutrients to help it grow. As its name suggests, it is often used in gardens, where plants will be able to reap the benefits of the nutrients.

Potting Soil vs. Garden Soil

Potting soil, or potting mix, is not soil at all. It is actually a mix of materials like clay, sand, peat moss, bark, etc. Potting mix is quite light and made specifically for plants in pots. Garden soil on the other hand is a mix of topsoil and organic matter.

How to Prepare Soil for Garden

When preparing your soil for your garden you want to identify what kind of soil you naturally have. Once you know this you will be able to know how much amending will need to be done. From there you will want to purchase garden soil and fill your garden area so that the soil is nutrient rich and ready to plant with. 

How to Make Garden Soil

Garden soil mix can be made with manure, compost, or other organic matter and a base top soil. The best garden soil mix to use for your garden to take the stress out of making it is the Perfect Plants

Can I Use Garden Soil For Potting?

You can use garden soil for potted plants, but it’s best not to use it exclusively. Using 100% garden soil for an indoor potted plant is not advised, as it can be quite heavy, has minimal drainage, and is less resistant to fungus and pests. While not recommended for potting on its own, you can still use garden soil as part of a mixture for certain potted plants.

Can You Mix Potting Soil With Garden Soil?

While you can in fact mix potting soil with garden soil, the mixture is not necessarily the best choice for all plants. Keep in mind that their ability to soak and drain water is one of the main differences between garden soil and potting soil. Garden soil, however, is great to mix with your native dirt to spread around nutrients.

Can You Use Potting Mix For Vegetables?

If you’re planning to grow vegetables in a pot, then potting soil is the best choice to grow vegetables. However, if you’re planning to grow your vegetables in your outdoor garden, stick to any run-of-the-mill garden soil.

Shop from a variety of potting mixes and garden soils for sale at Perfect Plants.

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