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Loropetalum are Fast-Growing, Flowering Evergreens! Perfect for Privacy!

If you are looking for a hardy, low maintenance evergreen flowering shrub then our purple Loropetalum shrubs for sale are for you! Their super vibrant foliage and bright flower color in the landscape make them a great statement piece!

Commonly called the Chinese fringe flower for its exceptionally pretty pink and purplish flowers, Perfect Plant's offers 5 types of loropetalum for sale to choose from. The maroon colored loropetalum leaves will stay colorful year round while the bright pink flowers bloom in spring. 

Loropetalum plants are the perfect plant to use as a privacy hedge, foundation plant, or border plant. They are even great as specimen plants. Our loropetalum for sale can grow to the space you plant them in.

Loropetalum Zhuzhou can grow up to 10 to 15 feet tall at maturity and makes an excellent loropetalum hedge. While the dwarf Loropetalum Ruby stays more compact and small. We offer both types of Chinese fringe flowers for sale as a 1 gallon loropetalum or as a larger 3 gallon loropetalum.

Loropetalum bushes prefer full sun and well draining soil to perform best but they can tolerate a variety of planting sites. Frequently seen in the South because of only slight cold hardiness. It is pest and disease resistant making it an easy plant to care for.

Buy Loropetalum for sale to enhance your garden with lush purple foliage and add privacy. Evergreen shrubs are a great way to add year round interest!

Check out the Grow Guide for our Loropetalum for sale to learn more on growing these luscious shrubs!

Loropetalum Care

Where to Plant Loropetalum Chinese Fringe Flower

The Loropetalum hardiness zone ranges from 7-10 across the southern United States. 

Loropetalum Plant Care

Requiring minimal maintenance, loropetalum is one of the easiest shrubs to grow! When growing loropetalum, they prefer moist, well drained soil that is slightly acidic. An annual application of fertilizer will help the shrubs perform best as well as the occasional pruning.

Best Time to Plant Loropetalum

The best time to plant loropetalum is in spring or fall when temperatures are moderate and the plants have plenty of time to grow for the rest of the season before winter comes. 

Loropetalum Light Requirements

Loropetalum can be planted in full sun or partial shade especially if it is afternoon shade. 

When Does Loropetalum Bloom?

Loropetalum flowers typically bloom in the spring, around March and April and sometimes even more during the summer. However, Loropetalum is an evergreen shrub, meaning that it can technically bloom throughout the year if the conditions are right.

How Tall Do Loropetalum Get?

The Ruby dwarf Loropetalum size is up to 3 to 5 feet tall and wide. The larger loropetalum Zhuzhou can grow up to 10 to 15 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide at maturity. There are many other varieties of loropetalum for sale, each with its own different set of heights they can grow to at maturity. 

How Far Apart to Plant Loropetalum

The space between loropetalum plants depends on the mature size. The larger Zhuzhou loropetalum can be planted as a privacy hedge. Loropetalum hedge spacing should be about 5 to 10 feet apart depending on how quickly you want the hedge to form. The shrubs will fill in the spaces and form a shrub barrier.

Is Loropetalum Invasive?

Loropetalum shrubs are not typically invasive. Since most species only grow a few feet high and a few feet wide, they won’t cover up your garden if left unattended for a few years. Your loropetalum will not spread from its original planting.

When to Prune Loropetalum

The best time to prune a Chinese fringe flower is in early spring or early fall. If desired, you can even prune loropetalum into a small tree form. Loropetalum pruning is a great practice to encourage healthy plants! Loropetalum shrubs grow back quickly, so make sure to monitor them throughout the growing season.

Best Fertilizer for Loropetalum

The best loropetalum fertilizer is a balanced, slow release fertilizer that is applied annually. This type of fertilizer will slowly release nutrients to the loropetalum shrubs over time and lasts for 1 full year.  

Are Loropetalum Deer Resistant?

While there are no completely deer proof plants, loropetalum is deer resistant. The deer prefer plants with more herbaceous leaves. Deer will eat anything to survive if they are hungry enough. The best way to keep the deer out is by providing protection such as a fence or deer repellent.

Is Loropetalum Toxic to Dogs?

All varieties of loropetalum shrubs are non-toxic to dogs. If a dog, cat, or other type of pet eats any part of your loropetalum, they may have an upset stomach for a day, like if they were to eat any other plant, but nothing long term will come of it. 

Companion Plants for our Red Loropetalum for Sale

With the bright burgundy colors of the loropetalum, they really look nice with other evergreens or small flowering shrubs. Examples of this would be gardenias, hydrangeas, or roses

Loropetalum Landscape Design

Landscaping with loropetalum will help improve any garden! Loropetalum shrubs can be planted as accent plants, in foundational plantings near houses, as a privacy hedge, or in containers. 

Are There Any Loropetalum Problems?

Typically, little to no problems arise when growing loropetalum. Loropetalum plants are very low maintenance compared to many other types of shrubs. They are relatively pest and disease resistant. If the soil is not well draining, the plants could contract root rot. Additionally, some nutrient deficiencies may occur if the soil is not organically rich or no fertilizer is provided. If your loropetalum looks bad and you suspect this, we recommend getting your soil tested at your local agricultural extension agency to see what nutrients may be missing.

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