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Add some color to your garden this summer with these popular summer blooming shrubs! Discover the best options for a vibrant and beautiful outdoor space.

Summer is the perfect time to add some color and life to your garden with blooming shrubs. Whether you're looking for vibrant hues or delicate blooms, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular summer blooming shrubs to consider for your outdoor space.

Hydrangeas: Big, Bold Blooms in a Variety of Colors

Hydrangeas are a classic choice for summer blooming shrubs, known for their
large, showy blooms in shades of pink, blue, white, and purple. They thrive in
partial shade and moist, well-drained soil, making them a great option for
gardens with limited sunlight. With proper care, hydrangeas can bloom for
several months, adding a pop of color to your outdoor space all summer long.

We love the Oakleaf Hydrangea Shrub because it's native & has huge blooms! Or check out the Fire Light® Hydrangea Shrub! This hydrangea shrub is a stunning and unique variety of hydrangea that features large, cone-shaped blooms that start out creamy white, then turn shades of pink and red as the season progresses. The Little Lime® Punch Hydrangea is an amazing and versatile option!

Panicled flowers that change from a creamy white to a light pink then a deep mauve as teh season 

Butterfly Bushes: Attracts Pollinators and Adds a Pop of Color

The butterfly bush, also known as Buddleia, is a popular choice for summer
blooming shrubs. Its long, cone-shaped clusters of flowers come in a variety of
colors, including pink, purple, white, and yellow, and attract a wide range of
pollinators, including butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. This low-maintenance
shrub prefers full sun and well-drained soil, making it a great addition to any

Try planting the Miss Molly Butterfly Bush for purple & fragrant cone shaped flowers or the Royal Red Butterfly Bush for a purple red flower that will attract butterflies to your garden!

Rose Bushes: A Hardy, Low-Maintenance Option

If you're looking for a summer blooming shrub that can withstand harsh weather
conditions and requires minimal care, consider rose bushes. This hardy
shrub produces large, showy flowers in shades of pink, white, red, and yellow from mid-summer to fall. It can grow up to 4 feet tall and prefers full sun to partial shade.
Plus, it's drought-tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases, making it a great
choice for busy gardeners.

Want something unique? Our flowering red rose trees offer the same classic blooms in a tree like form.

Hibiscus: Tropical & Colorful Blooms All Summer Long

Hibiscus is a beautiful summer blooming shrub that comes in a variety of
colors, including red, pink, yellow, and white. They prefer full sun and well-
drained soil, and they can grow up to 8 feet tall. Hibiscus blooms last for only
a day or two, but they produce new blooms daily throughout the summer. With
their vibrant colors and tropical feel, Hibiscus is a great addition to any
summer garden.

Try our beautiful Red Hibiscus Bush for the classic red blooms!

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