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Hibiscus trees will allow you to bring a tropical retreat to your yard if you can’t take a trip to the tropics yourself! These shrubs are pruned and shaped to look like standard trees and are sure to catch your eye with their vibrant color. The showy flowers are flat, with stamens protruding from the center. They’re loved by pollinators and people alike, so you’re bound to have someone stopping to appreciate them.

Hibiscus trees can be planted outdoors if the climate is hot enough, but they’re best kept as a container plant for colder climates. They’re perfect on sunny porches, patios, or as accent plants in your garden. When planted in the ground, they can grow to be quite tall and will make a beautiful focal plant in your yard.

Try a braided variety like our Pink Braided Hibiscus Tree for a real showstopper, or opt for the Seminole Pink Hibiscus Tree if you prefer something more simplistic.

Hibiscus Tree Care Overview

Hibiscus trees thrive in hot climates with plenty of sunlight. They can’t tolerate cold weather, so they may have to be grown as annuals in cooler zones. They may bloom in early spring and fall, but most of their flowers are displayed throughout summer.

Hibiscus trees are relatively low maintenance, although they require plenty of water, and pruning is recommended to help the trees keep their shape. You won’t have to water them as often if you live in a rainy climate.

How to Plant Hibiscus Trees

Choose something wider than the root ball if you plant your Hibiscus tree in a container or in the ground. If you choose a deep container, fill it with soil so that the top of the root ball is at the soil line. Planting the Hibiscus tree too deep can negatively affect its growth.

Water the plant thoroughly after planting it and add extra soil if the water makes the soil settle. Be sure not to overfill it to maintain good aeration. You can add slow-release fertilizer at this time to give the plant a good start.

Hibiscus Tree Heights and Zoning

Hibiscus trees grow 6-10 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide. You can prune and shape the plant as you desire if you don’t want it to reach its maximum height. If you keep the plants in containers, they likely won’t reach their full heights.

The trees are suitable for zones 8-11. They can’t tolerate cold weather and must be brought indoors in cool or freezing temperatures.

How Often to Water Hibiscus Trees?

Hibiscus trees love water, so if it doesn’t rain often, expect to water often!

Water the tree at the roots and give it a generous amount so the tree can get a deep drink. You may have to water the plant up to three times per week during the hottest part of summer if it doesn’t rain. In rainy climates, you won’t have to water as often.

Although Hibiscus loves water, it doesn’t want to swim in it. If the tree is planted in the ground, be sure water can drain away instead of puddling at the roots. If your tree is in a container, make sure it has a drainage hole.

All About Hibiscus Tree Fertilizer

Applying a slow-release fertilizer once each year in early spring will be enough to feed the tree all year long. Apply the fertilizer at the base of the plant according to the product’s directions and water it well. We recommend our Root Boosting Slow Release Fertilizer to give your plants all the nutrients they need for a successful growing season.

How to Prune A Hibiscus Tree

Remove spent flowers as soon as possible to keep the trees producing flowers all summer. You may even get it to keep flowering through fall.

You can trim any unwanted branches to help your plant keep its shape. Remove unruly branches that stick out too far or make your plant too tall. Remove diseased or dead branches to keep your plant looking healthy.

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