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Fig Trees for Sale

Fig trees are one of the easiest fruit trees to grow as they are self pollinating and do not require another tree for cross pollination. Get bushels of fresh, juicy figs with a  fig tree planted in your home, yard, or landscape.

You can have fun growing the figs in your backyard and enjoy them fresh off the tree. Trees will produce figs in as little as 1 year. Some of our  fig trees for sale even have baby figs on them right now.

Fig fruit trees are low maintenance, drought tolerant, heat tolerant, and cold hardy to some degree. Grow these fruits in full sun and well draining soil. The fig trees get fairly large if planted in the ground.

Shop our Potted Fig Trees for sale online now. You can be confident that your fig tree will arrive healthy and ready to plant thanks to our shipping warranty, guaranteed!

When do Fig Trees Produce Fruit?

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Fig trees generally begin to produce fruit sometime between three and five years after planting on average. Figs will ripen in fall when the summer heat stows away. You may even have a breba crop in the early summer depending on your variety.

When do Fig Trees Bloom & Blossom?

Fig trees bloom in early spring but are not considered ornamental. 

How to Prune a Fig Tree

When pruning fig trees you will want to start by cutting off any dead branches. Next, cut off any diseased or broken branches. Fig trees are very hardy and can take a heavy pruning if needed. You can prune the fig trees to your desired size and shape.

When to Prune Fig Trees

The best time to prune fig trees is in the winter when the trees are dormant. You will have the best view of the branch structure to create an attractive shape.

Fig Tree Fertilizer

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The best fig tree fertilizer is general purpose fertilizer with a one with a ratio of 8-8-8 or 10-10-10. It’s best to provide fertilizer for fig trees only when the tree shows symptoms of slow growth or pale leaves. We have formulated our very own Slow Release Fertilizer that is balanced and all purpose for fertilizing your fig trees. The best time to fertilize is in early spring so the trees have the whole growing season to utilize the nutrients.


How to Grow a Fig Tree

Growing fig trees is very rewarding. When growing a fig tree you want to make sure the soil is well-draining and that your tree gets at least 4-6 hours of sunlight daily. Fig trees need lots of sun to produce fruit and without sunlight, the tree will not produce as much fruit. Fig Tree Grow Guide coming soon!

How to Plant a Fig Tree

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To plant a fig tree you will need to dig a hole twice the size of the pot or root ball. Once you have done this, get a well-draining soil and put some at the base of the hole. Next, put your fig tree inside the hole and cover it with the remaining well-draining soil. Water the fig tree thoroughly to help establish a strong root system. You can mulch the tree surrounding the root ball to help retain moisture.

Where to Plant a Fig Tree

The best place to plant a fig tree is in full sun to partial shade areas. Fig trees are hardy to zones 7 and up and should be placed inside during the winter if you live out of that zone range. One exception to this rule is our Chicago Hardy Fig tree which is cold hardy down to zone 5. You can read more about how to winterize a fig tree too!

When to Plant Fig Trees

The best time to plant fig trees is in the early spring or late fall, when the tree is dormant.

Fig Tree Growth Rate

Fig trees have a fast growth rate! Fig trees can grow about a foot per year. Adding fertilizer will help give your fig trees the boost they need to grow healthy and strong!

Fig Trees in the Winter

In the winter you will want to make sure you put down a two inch layer of mulch to

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protect the fig tree roots and provide the plant with nutrients. You will also want to bring it indoors if it is not hardy to your zone or cover it with burlap or a blanket.

Growing Fig Trees in Pots

You can grow these fig trees in a container if limited in space. You will need to pot up every so often if they are container grown so their roots have plenty of room to grow and are not nutrient deficient.

When caring for a potted fig tree you will want to make sure the pot has drainage holes and well-draining soil. You will also need to change the top soil annually and change out the entirety of the soil biannually. Fig trees like humus rich, nutrient dense soil so they can produce bushels of tasty figs! Lastly, you will need to put a two inch layer of mulch down at the base to keep the roots warm during the winter and help retain moisture during spring and summer.

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