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16 products

Add an Air of Elegance to Your Garden with Our Pink Tree Collection

Pink is a beautiful color to add to your garden. Bold hues will add pizzazz, while soft tones will bring a sense of delicacy to your yard. Of course, you can add every shade if it’s your favorite color, and you can’t get enough! Our pink trees are a beautiful way to incorporate pink tones into your garden if you need to add some more color.

We have a large selection of pink trees ranging from short to tall, full sun to partial shade, and options for every growing zone. The Double Pink Knock Out Rose Tree is a classic that many homeowners love to have in their yard for a tree with pink flowers, or you can opt for something unique like the Pink Cascade Weeping Peach Tree.

Pink Flowering Trees Care Overview

Our collection of pink flower trees are vibrant yet classy and will add gorgeous pops of color throughout the year. Many trees bloom in spring and summer, and some of them will be the first plants to bloom each year, giving you a lovely signal that warm weather is on its way.

Each tree has its own requirements, but most plants are easy to care for and won’t require as much water once established in your yard.

How to Plant Pink Trees

Early spring is the best time to plant pink trees, but you can also plant them in late fall after the tree has finished blooming.

Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball, but make sure it’s the same depth, so the top of the root ball is level with the soil. Planting a tree too deep can negatively affect its growth, but they like to have extra width so the roots can spread out.

Backfill the hole with healthy soil and water deeply.

Mature Heights and Zoning

Our pink tree collection has trees ranging from 4-40 feet tall, and there are options for zones 3-11. Many trees are suited for temperate zones, but you’ll need to make sure they can withstand the extreme temperatures of the coldest and hottest zones.

Some trees can tolerate hot climates if they receive enough shade, so planning where to put them is a good idea to ensure you can keep them happy!

How to Water Pink Trees

When you first plant your tree, water it often and water it deeply. Trees need extra water during the first year they’re planted while getting established in your yard. The extra water will help it get acclimated and encourage deep root growth.

After the first year, you won’t have to water as often unless there are consistently high temperatures in the summer or drought.

How to Fertilize Pink Trees

Fertilizer isn’t always necessary, but it will give your plants a boost in color and growth that you’ll appreciate. Provide your plants with slow-release fertilizer once a year in early spring before the plant begins blooming. The fertilizer will feed the plant all year long and encourage it to grow deep roots and more blooms.

How to Prune Pink Trees

Some trees will require pruning while others don’t, so be sure to read the requirements for the trees you pick out. For most trees, you’ll want to prune them in early spring before new buds appear to encourage lush growth. If you remove new blooms, you won’t have as many flowers, so be careful.

Some trees won’t grow as many buds if they’re not pruned, and some will continue growing blooms if you remove spent flowers immediately.
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