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14 products

Our selection of fast growing ornamental grasses for sale can be a great addition to any landscape looking to fill in spaces, add texture, movement, and colors during all seasons of the year. You can buy grasses online for your landscape!

There are two types of ornamental grasses for sale that are used in landscaping -- warm and cool-season grasses. Warm-season ornamental grass plants flourish in the spring and summer months and grow quickly. Cool-season ornamental grasses perform their best during the fall and winter months to display a gorgeous show of color and blooms when most other plants are in their dormant phase.

Our selection of plants includes large ornamental grasses and small ornamental grasses so choose the best one that fits your planting site. Does your ornamental grass planting site have full sun or partial shade? Does it have moist or wet soils or is it well draining? These are questions you should be asking before choosing your new ornamental grass foliage.

These perennial ornamental grass plants are low maintenance, easy to care for, and drought tolerant. Our Ornamental grasses for sale will come back year after year meaning no need to re-plant.

Some of our ornamental grasses for sale like liriope and mondo grass will produce colorful flowers in the spring. They all act in a spreading habit and will fill the site you plant them in. Others like Muhly grass or the Miscanthus varieties will shoot up feathery plumes in fall to signal the end of summer.

Our customers buy ornamental grasses to enjoy their garden's striking foliage swaying in the wind all year round.

Grow Guide coming soon for information on ornamental grass care, planting, pruning ornamental grasses, and more. Buy our ornamental grasses for sale!

What is Ornamental Grass?

Ornamental grasses are grasses grown as ornamental plants and include true grasses and plants that have a grass-like appearance, like sedges.Most ornamental grasses are perennials and can be grown in colder hardiness zones.

Ornamental Grass landscaping

Ornamental grasses look great in the landscape. Since Perennial ornamental grasses can come back year after year, they’re a popular choice for adding beauty to your landscape in fall and winter seasons. Ornamental grasses can be used to add texture to your garden or to create shrub borders and privacy hedges. You can buy ornamental grasses to use as colorful groundcover plants or even grow them in containers and pots! There are so many ways to use ornamental grasses in your landscape!

Can You Separate Ornamental Grasses?

Dividing ornamental grass is important when the plant outgrows its current planting site. This will give you new nutrients in the soil to help the grass grow strong and healthy. 

When it comes time to split ornamental grasses, dig up the whole root ball. Separate it into as many plants as it will divide into without harming the integrity of the roots. Put in a new planting hole and water thoroughly until the roots are established. You can also give it as a gift to neighbors or friends.

Does Ornamental Grass Spread?

Most varieties of ornamental grass will only grow in a clump, but a few will spread if left unchecked. Due to rhizome production, some of these grasses can take over your entire garden over the course of a few years. Varieties of Carex grass are among those that should be kept in pots if you don’t want them to spread.

Is Ornamental Grass Perennial?

Some varieties of ornamental grasses are in fact perennial. This means that they’ll continue to grow and thrive longer than just one or two years. Perennial ornamental grasses will go dormant in the winter, but as long as they aren’t uprooted or damaged, they should come back in the spring.

At Perfect Plants, each type of perennial ornamental grass is labeled as such in its description.

Do Ornamental Grasses Need Full Sun or Shade?

The amount of sun that an ornamental grass needs is dependent on the variety. White African Iris Shrubs, Dwarf Pink Muhly Grass, and Miscanthus Gracillimus Shrubs are examples of ornamental grasses that thrive in full sunlight. On the other hand, ornamental grasses like Variegated Flax Lily Shrubs and Aztec Grass Shrubs do better with partial sun and partial shade.

At Perfect Plants, we offer over a dozen different types of ornamental grasses, so be sure to plan for the appropriate amount of sun.

Ornamental Grasses Care

Our evergreen ornamental grasses are easy to care for. They require a regular watering schedule the first year of planting to establish a strong root system and after that, they are mostly drought tolerant. Fertilization annually will help produce flowers and it helps create a strong root system. The care for these plants will depend on the type of ornamental grass it is.

When to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

You can prune warm season ornamental grass in winter while the plants are dormant. You don't want to prune in spring or you'll risk cutting off the flowers. It is best to wait until the plant finishes flowering before trimming ornamental grass. For cool season ornamental grasses, you'll want to prune in late winter or early spring

To trim ornamental grass, it’s best to leave the foliage in place until it is the best time to prune. When pruning ornamental grass plants, don't be scared to do a heavy prune. They are very hardy and can bounce back. You should leave at least ⅓ of the ornamental grass plant in place. Cut off any dead or diseased leaves and foliage to encourage new growth. A good pair of pruning shears will work just fine.

Ornamental Grasses in Pots

You can plant smaller dwarf ornamental grasses in pots or containers. Small ornamental grass plants like liriope or daylilies will perform perfectly in containers. They will need repotting every few years as the plant outgrows its home. Ornamental grass plants for containers is a great option for gardeners with small spaces or no yards.

Do You Fertilize Ornamental Grasses?

Ornamental grasses need little fertilizing. Use a balanced slow release fertilizer that will gradually release nutrients into the soil and the root system over time for 1 full year before needing fertilizer again. 

The best time to fertilize ornamental grass is in spring when new growth appears. Avoid fertilizing ornamental grass in the fall, winter, or on hot sunny days.

When to Plant Ornamental Grass

The best time to plant ornamental grass is in the early spring or early fall. Spring will give it time to establish a strong root system during the active growing seasons in spring and summer. As long as you plant ornamental grasses at least 6 weeks before your first frost and provide normal care, they should be fine through winter.

How to Plant Ornamental Grass

If you are planting ornamental grass in fall, wait until the hot heat of summer dwindles down. You’ll need at least 6 weeks before your location's first frost to have roots established. Once you’ve chosen your planting site, you will want to dig a hole that's twice the size of the ornamental grass root ball. Next, add new well-draining soil to the bottom of the hole. Loosen the roots of the tree and place it in the hole. Backfill with the soil making sure the root ball is level with the ground.

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