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Feed Your Plants All Year Long with Pellet Fertilizer

Fertilizing your plants is an essential step if you want your plants to stay healthy and look their best. If your life is hectic or you have a jungle of plants to look after, remembering when and how much to fertilize can be daunting. Our slow-release pelletized fertilizers are the solution for you!

If you like to keep things simple, you’ll appreciate our Bulk 360 Day Slow Release Fertilizer. This balanced fertilizer is suitable for all plants, and the one-pound bag should be enough for your collection. We also have pellets tailored for specific plants, such as our Orchid Food & Fertilizer and Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets.

Some plants can get by without fertilizer, but you’ll notice that plants grow more foliage and produce brighter colors when they get everything they need.

Fertilizer Pellets Have Everything Your Plants Need

Our controlled release fertilizer pellets are created with your plants in mind and will release a balanced dose of nutrients throughout one year. The fertilizer pellets for plants have a polymer coating and slowly release the nutrients every time you water your plants as the coating disintegrates.

Most fertilizers are suitable for any plant, although some are made for specific plants with different nutrient requirements. Whichever kind of fertilizer you buy, you can be sure it will promote robust root systems, glossy foliage, and plenty of flowers.

Why Pellet Fertilizer?

Pellet fertilizer is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to make plant care easy. The pellets only need to be applied to plants once each year, and the plants will benefit from it all year long. Since the pellet coating disintegrates with water, it releases nutrients frequently and can easily be soaked up by the plant.

Liquid fertilizers are often regarded as the best option because plants can absorb nutrients instantly, but pellets provide long-lasting nutrients again and again without you having to apply them each month. You don’t have to remember as often—just mark your calendar once!

Our bulk fertilizer is ideal because you can use it for almost any plant. Buy one bag and feed all your indoor and outdoor plants with it. You don’t have to remember which plant needs which product when you can use the same one for all of them.

How to Use Fertilizer Pellets

When planting a new plant in your yard or a container, sprinkle some pellets around the root ball before you backfill the hole with soil. If you’re feeding existing plants, dig small holes around the plant, add the fertilizer, and cover it up with soil. Covering the pellets will prevent the nutrients from draining with excess water.

The amount of fertilizer you need will depend on the size of your plant. All of our fertilizers come with a chart so you can accurately measure how much you need to use to make sure your plants get the right amount they need.

The nutrients are released when you water your plants, so be sure you water frequently. The pellet fertilizer won’t be effective if you stop watering your plants.

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